Help help! Paris New York flap!

  1. I just found out that I mistakened the PNY flap with the expandable tote :sad: I just found an older version of the expandable tote which I thought was the PNY:crybaby:Gosh! Wish I checked the ref. lib more carefully. How much time I have wasted in locating the wrong bag!

    Has anyone recently spotted this style anywhere? Boutique, Saks, NM, or other dep. stores? I need to narrow down the scale to be more efficient to get one. I am so afraid that this style is no longer available now. Please don't tell me they are long gone~! The shape and size are just perfect! TIA.

    I am looking for either a dark white or black.

    Image courtesy of lulilu:flowers:


    To be double sure...sigh...This is the one right?

  2. sorry to say, loong gone. i got mine off eBay. good luck!
  3. I have been trying to get one myself forever
    they pop up every now and then.. but WAY over retail
    One went on eBay in the last few weeks for like 2995 if i am not mistaken
  4. Call Kassie at Neiman's in Natick, at the Chanel counter. (508) 620-5700. I'm pretty sure they had one. I was just there Monday.
  5. definitely should be long gone. These flew off the shelves almost immediately.
    Some showed up a little later but I'm assuming they were returns.
    They're from over a year ago.
  6. It may have been the expandable flap...... this store is brand new and seems to have a lot of bags that people can't find for some reason. For example, I saw a lot of bordeaux caviar bags.
  7. I know the chance is very slim. But I will try everywhere before I surrender to my fate. Thank you all for your input:flowers:
  8. you absolutely should!:yes:
  9. Called there earlier today and it is the Expandable Flap, not the PNY....

    That would have been quite a find!!
  10. I knew it was too too good to be true...
    I want one myself.. but the prices are HIGH to get one..especially this color..