HELP!!! Help me name this bag

  1. I have been looking for the name/maker of this bag for the past three days after I saw it on a Taiwanese TV program talking about spring/summer bags. I just know that it is super super soft and in a army green color. It is turning into an obssession. Please help me name this bag and its maker. TIA.
    DSC01023.JPG DSC01024.JPG DSC01026.JPG DSC01027.JPG
  2. Moni Moni splendor! I'm pretty sure because of the heart hanging off it.
  3. Thank you. Found it.
  4. it's a beautiful bag, never heard of this brand are they really soft? Like Botkier or Balenciaga?
  5. ^^ I don't own one, but I do know the leather is washed, so it is quite squishy.