Help help Louis Vuitton neverfull mm or gm!?

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  1. I know I know this question gets asked a lot but those who have both which one do you love more? Has anyone regretted buying the gm?
  2. I just bought a preloved Ebéne GM and I absolutely adore it! It's super roomy and spacious and I don't have to worry about the vachetta like on the mono or azur. I sold my MM because it didn't look right on me(too feminine and small) but the GM is the right size and look for my height and the way I dress. Plus the clutch that came with it is amazing! The only con of the bag is when you fill it almost full the straps tend to dig into my shoulders
  3. I bought the monogram GM for travel. I'm 5'4 and 126 lbs so I think for everyday the MM would be nice. I frequently travel for work and outgrew my MM sized MBMJ tote. I know tall girls pull off the GM really nicely for everyday.

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  4. I am 5'4!
  5. Mm more than sufficient
  6. I have no regrets getting the GM; I'm 5'9/10 and use mine as either a school or travel tote as opposed to a purse. The only downside I can think of, as another poster already mentioned, is that it's very easy to fill the GM up, making it heavy, and then the thin handles start to dig into the shoulder.
  7. I hate the GM (no offence to GM lovers). I just think it looks like a massive beach bag. Much prefer the mm!
  8. I think mm is more than enough.
  9. I have both. I love both, so I'm no help
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  10. I prefer the MM for everyday use. You do have the option of cinching the GM to make it look smaller, but for me I found the GM too big and better suited for travel. The MM is a perfect purse size that still holds a ton. It really depends on your needs.
  11. I have the GM and I love it! I don't think it's too big at all. I do agree that it can get heavy if you really fill it up. I use mine for travel and as a tote for work when I need to bring a lot with me.

    I did look at the MM as an everyday bag, but I already have a Speedy 30 and didn't think I needed it.
  12. I think size depends on how you'll use it. I only have GMs because I use them to literally tote around stuff when running errands--packages to drop off, shopping purchases made, small grocery store runs, etc. I use my other bags as purses when I'm not running errands. If you want to use your NF as a daily purse, then MM size is great. If you have other lovely bags to use as purses and want a multi-purpose bag, then GM size is awesome. (I'm 5'1", and I don't think it's gigantic on me...but I'm all about its functionality, It's possible my GMs could tote ME around, lol.)
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  13. Gm all the way! It's always good to have more space in case you need to carry more items with you. I use mine as a gym bag, too. If I don't carry that much I cinch the neverfull to make it smaller.
  14. I have the MM which I find to be the perfect size. My sister bought the GM and regrets it. She said its way bigger than she actually needed and she wishes she bought the MM size. Good luck on your decision!
  15. I keep thinking I want the gm (I have the mm) but when I try it in its Huuuuuge!!! It looks good on other people.
    Also, I think it looks better after its broken in and is softer & more smushy. I'd like a pre-loved for that reason but there are so many fakes out there I'm afraid to go that route. Good luck deciding. I like my mm.