help, help, i am losing control!!

  1. Sitting next to me on the window ledge is a coworker's (rather ugly) Dooney & Bourke bucket, which made me start thinking about LV buckets, and now I am obsessed with getting one! But I have a batignolles which is basically the same concept...? And which bucket---the petite or the large? Any bucket owners out there? and could anyone post a pic of them wearing the bucket (either or both sizes) so I could get an idea what they look like "on"? Much obliged!
  2. petite bucket in the Mini Lin would be very nice.
  3. Love the bucket~ didn't think I would but I do. I would post a pic but she doesn't atch what I am wearing....She is mandarin and I am wearing red.:Push: She is very comfortable and I got complients:flowers: Good buy! I'll post a pic when I have a different outfit on:yes:
  4. I have a petite bucket. I will try to post a picture later after I am dressed.:yes:
  5. Here is a picture with my petite bucket as both a shoulder bag and a handheld. Hope this helps!!
    handheld2.JPG shoulder bag.JPG
  6. Aww, seeing you with your bucket makes me sad because it reminds me of my bucket! :crybaby: LOL.

    I think the petite bucket is a great size! Even though the official dimensions are 9 x 9 x 6, I think it's more 10 x 9.5 x 6. The large bucket is way too big for me; I think it's a perfect travel bag, though.

    What Dooney was it? Was it the one with the multi-colored D&B all over it with the pink trim? I was this close to getting it (since I love bucket bags, anyway) until I realized how ugly it was...and how much I would rather spend my money on an LV!
  7. I have a red epi petite bucket that I absolutely love. It is the perfect size for what I carry. Lately, I have been carrying it more than my BH!
  8. Tauketula: thsnks for the pictures! Your bucket is so beautifully patina'd and looks pefect size!

    Bernz84: I don't know much about Dooney & Bourke but the bag in question is a rather hideous pink, purple, green, yellow and brown plaid, with a little metal plaque on the front that says '"Dooney & Bourke, 1975" , surrounded by scalloped pink leather. The handles are a chain/leather strap combo and that leather is also pink. Sound familiar?
  9. Bucket in Mini Lin is nice......
  10. I hated the Bucket until I saw and tried on the petite Mini Lin's not so bad and actually cute, too!
  11. I love the Petite Bucket :love:
    So functional bag and for everyday use :graucho:
  12. i would say the petite bucket is very functional....however i don't like open-top bags that's why im returning my mini lin for another bag..also, when you sit them on a flat surface, i don't like it how the leather/linen (depending on which bag) creases over time.......i feel it's less structured this way
  13. NOOO! Rensky don't return the bag!!!
    i don't wanna lose my Mini Lin Bucket twin:crybaby:
  14. Petite Bucket! The large looks weird.
  15. Hahahaha, your description made me laugh! :roflmfao: I think you're talking about the Tartan bucket. I saw that at the Dooney outlet last weekend; it was discounted to $135. I can't imagine buying a bag like that for that kind of money. Honestly, I think the signature IT bag (the one I just described earlier) would be more tolerable if it didn't have that nasty pink trim and heart charm. :yucky: