Help help helppppp.

  1. I don't know where exactly i should post this but i figure this should be okay. Well my 19th birthday is coming up and i've been dying for a Chanel Timeless Classic Quilted bag for like forever.

    I've been bugging my parents so much for it and they don't seem to budge! I'm still a student and i dont work at the same time PLUS my allowance is spent on like cab rides and clothes. I'm horrible at saving even though i really should.

    Oh dear God, someone please either slap some sense into me or tell me how to convince my parents without having to rob the bank lol :crybaby:
  2. Hi Charlene! Welcome to the Chanel forum. :smile:

    Could you suggest a Chanel bag as a reward for good grades? Or perhaps offering to help out around the house somehow?
  3. It's a very expensive gift. . . if they don't seem like they'll budge, perhaps you could save for it?
  4. I totally agree with Swanky. It's quite expensive and sometimes it may mean you'll have to wait longer and save.
  5. Why not suggest if you save for half then they will contribute the other half? My parents always helped me if they saw I was making an effort. If my behavior was lazy or frivilous or entitled then I got nothing, lol!
  6. Or try to get your parents to reward a portion of the cost of the Chanel bag maybe?
  7. hehehehee Roey! We posted basically the same message just about the same time :happydance:
  8. That's cause great minds think alike Khai! :biggrin:
  9. I agree that a Chanel classic flap is a big purchase, and I can't blame your parents for hesitating!! You've said you're horrible at saving - so it sounds like you have money somewhere... I think if you can discipline yourself and show them you're seriously, they're way more likely to chip in as a reward!
  10. Thanks for all the replies, girls :smile: I'm new here and you all have been really lovely so far thank you.

    My parents are adamant, they aren't being hesitant about it. It's just a flat-out big fat NO. I know i sound spoiled but damn I want one so bad ughhhhhh. I've just asked my mum about chipping in half and she basically told me she won't, on any circumstances, get me a bag which costs thousands. I've practically drilled into her head about how classic and timeless Chanel is and it's an investment, but she just doesn't get it.

    I guess all that's left to do is cry till my pillow is soaked and then maybe my parents will feel guilty about it. Or it might turn worse- them thinking I'm too spoiled for my own good and deciding not to get anything for me for my birthday after all! :crybaby:sigh life is so unfair.
  11. charlene life is not unfair at all. my parents would have never bought me one either, i had to wait until i was 23 until i could afford one (and even then my boyfriend was nice enough to put in for it).

    i think with a beautiful bag such as this, it is worth the wait and you will love it even more knowing you saved and paid for it yourself :smile:
  12. i also think you should try to save. it's really a lot of money and i wouldn't dare to ask my parents to spend that much on a bag for me. i would feel really guilty about asking them because it's really a lot of money and it's not like my parents are rich like donald trump. i also waited until i started working and am able to afford all these purchases myself.

    the timeless classic bag is always around, so just buy it when you save enough, maybe also try to save by cutting your budget to do/buy other stuff (eat out less, buy less clothes etc.) Or find a part-time job! I worked part-time throughout college and I used all my minimum wages to support my shopaholic habbits!

  13. Nicely said...... your parents may well want to buy you the bag but may have financial constraints (like most parents) that does not allow them to do this. Give them a break, this is a very expensive present. Plan to buy it for yourself, after you get that great job that comes your way when you graduate college with a 4.0.:flowers:
  14. LOL with a 4.0 college degree! i'm really honestly not that smart haha. Thanks for all of your replies, girls.

    I'm all pumped up and inspired to start saving now. Hope it's not a temporary adrenaline which comes and goes haha. Thank you all :smile::smile::smile: you girls will be the second to know [well after my boyfriend, naturally lol] when I have enough money to get one! ;)
  15. My hubby is usually the LAST one to know!:roflmfao: