Help Help Help!!!

  1. Ok I need everyones help please. I'm going to get a work bag but I don't know which colour to get it in...
    I'm thinking either:
    1. Bleu Glacier
    2. Aquamarine (cobalt)
    3. Marine
    I'm looking at getting it in the regular hardware and i'm going to use it as an everyday bag.
    Please let me know what you think :smile:
  2. I like Bleu Glacier the most of all your choices, but will vote for Marine cos Bleu Glacier might be too difficult to take care of as an everyday bag, cos it's such a light colour.

    Love the Work size, so yay for another Work bag!! :yes:
  3. Marine, for reasons above.
  4. I don't know what Brisbane is like -- but if it's a big city with lots of bustle, grit and public transportation like New York, you're going to need Marine. If it's for everyday, under those conditions you need a color that will stand up to life's hard knocks.

    But if Brisbane is more laid back and spread out, and you drive everywhere in your own car, from home to work to the supermarket and back home, you could do Bleu Glacier or Cobalt without much fuss.

    If you have kids, though, you need Marine, unless they're not allowed to touch Mommy's bag with their sticky fingers and are great at following the rules.
  5. Gosh, how TRUE is that?! Even when I tell my little ones not to touch Mommy's bag they always find some reason to do so. It's not like I keep treats in there!

    martinique, I'd go with the majority suggestions and do the Marine Work. While I've not see it IRL, I've seen the Marine City with GH, and it's absolutely stunning! Marine, IMHO, would be a more practical color for the use you'll be getting out of your Work.
  6. i agree with the girls above, go for the Marine.
  7. :shrugs: Monsoon - I walked into my bedroom one day to find my son using my greige city i had just emptied but not put away yet as a 'hideout' for his action figures! I warned him he is never to do that again!
  8. Aquamarine (cobalt) is lovely but I've never seen it in a Work... anyone with a pic to share?
  9. :shrugs::shrugs: I know! I think because I've got all sorts of kid-stuff in my handbag (wipes, antibacterial gel, tissue, etc.) that they think it's bottomless -- kinda' like Mary Poppins' satchel!
  10. LOL I have gotten looks when I go to the store because I have yelled at my youngest not to touch my bag. Pull on mommy's clothes but don't touch the bag.

    I agree about the marine.
  11. marine and better with the GH !! :drool: :drool:
  12. Well Brisbane is not as busy as NY it is pretty laid back and I wouldn't be rubbing up against people while I was carrying my bag. I also don't have kids so I don't need to worry about sticky hands.
    Hmmm....this is such a hard decision. So you all think the Marine? Keep the suggestions comming tho. It is great :smile:
  13. it depends what colors you wear. i wear a lot of black so the marine would be too dark for me (i'm one of those weirdos who doesn't like dark blue and black together). i haven't seen the cobalt but from the lvr picture it looks a little bright. so i would pick the blue glacier which seems to be a nice denimy blue (i have the cornflower work which is brighter than blue glacier but not too bright and i find it adds a nice *pop* without completely overwhelming an outfit). another option would be the blueberry from last season (lighter than the marine but not too light if you're worried about dirt). btw, i have 2 kids and one thing i've found is great for little accidents are baby wipes -- i've used them to clean spills on my calcaire and they worked great!
  14. Well I usually wear black but I do wear white and navy and reds so I guess I wear a few different colours. Aghh...this is so hard to try and decide on a bag when i'm not going to see it in real life.
  15. Aquamarine or blue glacier!