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  1. Hi everyone, I posted a question b4 about bidding on fake item on Ebay. Last week or so, I won a Miu Miu bag from ebay seller designerfashionwear. He warned if I dont pay within 5 days, he would report me to ebay authority. So I posted a link in "authenticate this miu miu or prada bag", and some members pointed out it is fake. I didn't pay. Now I received an alert from Ebay reminding me to pay; if I dont, they would do further action. What can I do? Thanks:crybaby:
  2. You need to file a report with eBay... have you done that?
  3. Do not worry, email ebay and file a dispute saying item is a fake thats why you have not paid. Do not worry about the alerts they will come up for a week then go away but I would contact ebay and tell them otherwise you will get a strike against you but you need 3 strikes to get booted of ebay. Hope this helps please try not to worry just file a claim with ebay against the seller for selling fake goods.
  4. This happened to me recentely when I bid on a fake weekender. First, you need to respond to ebay alert. This will allow you to leave a feed back in the end. Let them know why you're not going to pay. You must also contact ebay immediately and file a report on the auction and state the bag is fake.. Ask them to investigate this matter. Remind them selling counterfeit items is violation of ebay rules and illegal. Hopefully, they will cancel the transaction. However,
    if you lose the UID claim and a strike is given, You can appeal the case in which ebay will forgive the buyer first time.
    Appealing Unpaid Item Strikes and Suspensions
  5. The thing is, how would I tell them that the bag is fake? Would they ask for the proof or something like that? :sad:
  6. Did you have the bag authenticated here? You can provide a link to the thread to the complaint.
  7. Good luck sorting this out...I'm sure it'll work out since the item is fake and you're not being a NPB for no reason!

  8. No ~ I think Megs and Vlad got into some difficulties due to people leading their ebay problems here. That is why the authenticate this thread has been removed....Contact Megs and Vlad first to confirm...I think If I remember this accurately:confused1:
  9. yes, please do not use the forum thread as 'proof,' i believe that could get megs and vlad in significant legal trouble. rather, find an image of the real bag to compare.
  10. Gosh, how can I fine the image of the real one? Should I post this in Prada forum then they can help me to authenticate it one more time ?