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  1. fake? please help me i am so new to all of this :confused1:

  2. Go under the LV shopping thread (above) and post this in the authenticate this thread and they can help you. Considering this is a replica site though - doesn't look good to me. FAKE :tdown:
  3. Yeah, those are fake. In fact, this pic comes from a site that sells replicas. It says "AAA". "AAA" is a name for supposedly high quality replicas.
  4. Yup, fake!!
  5. Definitely fake. :tdown:
  6. The ID Cards are always a giveaway -LV no ID Cards.
    Hope you did not purchase or can get a refund. Sorry.
  7. yes, it is 100% fake - for future reference, you should post all authentication questions in the authenticate this Louis Vuitton thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.