Help help help !!!

  1. I recently just bought my 1st flap.. and ive been thinking of getting another chanel but the prob is i dont know which to get.. im undecided.. between jumbo flap.. gst or pst? plsssssss helppp and gimme some pointers!! :shame:
  2. Do you prefer having a flap or tote? Which will you get more use out of?
  3. Jumbo Flap. Thats what I purchased. :tup::tup:
  4. aurora, erm.. lol tough question.. i love both totes AND flaps :p the thing is i use totes during the day..and flaps etc for night.. and now i NEED (lol) a bag which i can use during the day and night.. i would love two separate bags but i'd have to wait :crybaby:
  5. i can understand why you have two thumbs up :lol:
  6. Jumbo Flap :tup:
  7. The Jumbo seems like a better transition from day to night IMO. Good luck!
  8. jumbo flap
  9. well it seems like there are a lot of supporters for jumbo flap.. yeah i agree with aurora.. i just saw pics of ashley tisdale and nicole richie with their jumbo flaps and they look gorgeousss.. !
  10. I see the flap transitioning easily from day to evening, but how about a medium flap rather than a jumbo, unless you carry a lot of stuff. Medium doesn't slide off the shoulder and isn't as heavy. You can use a card holder rather than a bulky wallet in the mini and the medium which is a space saver. Just a thought.
  11. i was going to suggest medium flap also!
  12. medium flap !!
  13. oooooomg..ive nvr thought of a medium flap! :p yea i was afraid the jumbo would be too big when i go clubbing.. hehe thank you !
  14. flap!
  15. Would love to see a picture of your mini flap, as i have one too. Do you use it much??