help help help with MEN'S BAG suggestions!!

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  1. My bf's birthday is coming up VERY soon and I decided to get him a bag -a waist bag that is, to be more specific.

    I only know of designer brands for ladies and not for men. :sad:
    So hopefully other knowledgable ladies here can help me!!

    He doesn't want me to get a TOO expansive one since he will be using it roughly. (Around $500 I would say).

    He has been using the Gucci classic belt bag
    Gucci - Classics travel & business
    So Gucci is crossed out since I think this is the only waist bag they have.

    I looked at LV, and he got one before, he either thought it was too small or too expansive to use. So i guess LV is a no no as well.

    I just looked at Burberry and I think this one looks pretty good but I have to see it IRL.. might be kind of bulky.

    Burberry CHECK WAIST PACK - Bags & Travel

    Does anyone have other suggestions for me?? Prettttyy plssssss
  2. Have you ever thought about Mulberry? they have a decent selection for mens bags at the moment.
  3. no i haven't! let me check it out thanks!!
  4. mulberry doesn't have any waist bags :sad:
  5. I have this link to a Prada waistpack that was at Neiman's but is no longer available:

    Fanny Pack, Black -  Neiman Marcus

    If it's something you are looking for maybe you can contact a Prada boutique to see if they have one or something similar.
  6. thank you!! the price is good .. haha :biggrin: I'll try to look for it in my local boutique