HELP HELP HELP! Urgent Help!

  1. hello there ladies!

    could you please help me? i am currently asking my friends to get me this pair of shoes from Europe and to make his search easier, i need the model code / style number for this pair of ballerinas. :push: i actually saw a pair in black patent with red toe tip with red logo and they were so TDF! too bad it ran out of my size 37.5 and now i'm kicking myself for missing it out.. i have the worst luck :sad:

    PS: those who have these shoes, do they run true to size? i wear 37.5 for the F/W '06 ballerinas in lambskin with patent round toe tip and double straps , that's my only pair of chanels... so i'm really not sure! :confused1:

    kindly let me know as soon as possible please, he's on a hunt for me right now! LOL! :lol:


    photo credits to eb*y

    xoxo, C
  2. I'm a 7.5 us and have multiples of these shoes in a 38..I felt the 38.5 to be a bit big and the toe lifted on the front.
  3. i hope everything works out i love those shoes !
  4. very cute!
  5. I have a few pairs of those in your picture. I always go up a size, in ballerina or classic flat. 2 sizes up for the Cambon with the really rounded toe.

    Re: model code / style number... I don't have the pink ballerinas, so I assume my model code / style numbers will do you no good?
  6. hmm if you could just give me the model code pleasseee? that would be fine. what colors do you have? i've been looking for them but i keep missing them out cause i am a loub addict! :sad:
  7. Hey, C! Guess what - I've got these shoes! I got them at the Rodeo Drive Chanel months ago. Here is the style number on the box:

    07P G25139X01012

  8. ^ jeanne, thank you so much! now wish me luck in finding the perfect ballerinas! ;)