Help! Hayden-Harnett or Rebecca Minkoff?

  1. I absolutely love the Minkoff Elisha bag and have been looking at it for myself. Sumptuous rich color and the shape is cool, interesting, more structured than the HH bag. The HH bag is lovely, and I can speak first hand for the wonderful leather, but I'd say go for the Minkoff.
  2. I think they are two different looks. Even though I LOVE HH, if I only could buy one, and it had to suit my professional life, I would buy the Minkoff because it is more classic. The HH is more casual. OTOH, I have seen the HH bag IRL and absolutely LOVE that smoke blue color.
  3. I think the HH is better looking.
  4. I do like the HH style better, but both are nice...
  5. Hh
  6. Even though I am definately in love with HH,I think the RM is a classiic...
  7. I prefer the RM Elisha.
  8. I think both are great choices, but would lean a little more toward the RM. It IS definately more classic.
  9. I prefer the HH
  10. I like the RM!
  11. I like the Elisha.
  12. Depends on what you intend to use it for. I have the Elisha in Black, it is lovely for work, professional looking yet with a cool edge with the love zipper pulls. On the other hand, the HH is great for casual days, I could see myself using the Triple Satchel all weekend.