Help.. having a birkin and a kelly in the same color..

  1. Girls, I need help..

    Since you all prolly know, I am so in :heart: with thalassa blue. I have a 30 cm birkin already in that color made from box calf, with white stitching, pall h/w, and is now thinking to get a rigide 28 cm kelly in the same color, same leather, same contrasting stictching and same hardware. A lil peek in my other H bags (other than the thalassa birkin): 30 cm ebene clemence birkin, 35 cm chartreuse clemence birkin, and 32 cm rigide fuchsia chevre kelly.

    What do you girls think about having the same color in your collection? Should I get this kelly? I am torn, I really love the color, and would love a 28 cm kelly as an alternative to my 32 cm one. I prefer rigide kelly rather than souple.

    What to do.. what to do? :confused1:
  2. I think you should go for it. I'm planning on having an entire platoon of fuchsia bags in ostriches and crocs so I think it's completely okay to have bags in same color ... In fact, I even plan on having back-up bags in the identical combo. There's never such a thing as too many of the same or similar things with Hermes
  3. if you have spare change and if you really want the it, then go for it!

    keep in mind that rigide ones have a formal look compared to the birkin. so, even if they have the same color, it achieves a much different look. so, they're totally two different bags (except the color)....
  4. I agree with pazt completely!
  5. If you love the color that much go for it!
  6. If you love it, get it! I'm thinking about BJ for my second Hermes. I just love the color so much! :flowers:
  7. for me, i probably wouldn't get another bag in the same exact color and leather, but i like variety!

    but if you really love it that much and you have the funds, go for it!!
  8. Do the other colors you have now grab you as much as thalassa blue? If not, go for it, you know in your heart you'll use it just as much as your thalassa blue birkin.
  9. I'm with Pazt on this one too. I've got three bags in black! One Black Box HAC, one Black Chamonix Bolide and one Black Box Kelly Elan. Each one has a different feel and used for different purposes. Love all of them and wouldn't dream of giving any up! AND if I should run across a Black Box VINTAGE Kelly? I'll be ALL OVER IT!!!!
  10. I agree with pazt; they are essentially different styles for different occasions. Since you're clearly attached to that color, if you can manage to have both, you'd definitely get a great deal of use out of it, wouldn't you?
  11. Gosh, the responses have been great, thank you all. Each you stated very good points. Keep 'em coming ladies.. I still cant decide what to do..
  12. :biggrin: I think you shuold get it!!! They aren't the same bag and they can all be dressed up or down :smile: I think it's a different feel in the two different styles :smile:
  13. do it...... :whistle:
  14. Sarah, dear - you know I would never talk you out of buying any Hermes bag! But, I wanted to pipe in just to say that I love your new avatar!
  15. At first thought I was going to suggest not to do it....simply because the brights are different than black bags....and with sooooo many gorgeous colors out there, why not get more!! However, seeing that you HAVE other gorgeous colors, and you know you LOVE this color and want the kelly, then it's a go in my book!! I just love the rainbow look for a collection and you pretty much have that!!