Help havent recieved my LV wallet. :'(

Nov 20, 2006
Perth, Australia
I posted this on the ebay area but i think this area would be much more of help. *Sigh* :sad:

I'm so worried. I bought this LV wallet that I know is authentic and many of the ppl purse auth board agreed with me. The seller is from the US & her feedback is very good in that buyers have said she is honest and auth LV etc.

I'm from Australia and I've been waiting for nearly 2 months and I havent recieved it and the seller fails to communicate very well. She was more than willing to send her eluxury reciept so I can fix in future etc. I had a look at her feedback I her buyers seem to recieve items for over a month and this is in the US! She said she has sent it with LV box, tags and the eluxury reciept & told me 2 wait a few more weeks.

I ask her how much postage will b 2 AUS and she said $10. When I paid through paypal I decided I want to pay more for insurance and faster postage and she never replied. I'm guess she has used economy shipping i dont know which is why its so cheap. Does it take this long????

I have already made an item not recieved with paypal. But I'm so worried in that I paid through using my bank account as when I wanted to pay thru credit card its says u get more protections by using your bank account so i changed my mind.

Its not a cheap item to loose I paid nearly $280 for the wallet.

Should I escalate the claim? This is the first time & I'm so scared I wont b able to get the money back. If I do recieve the wallet I will give her back the money but she doesnt communicate currently sigh......

Can someone tell me if it gets really complicated? :s

I called my bank a while ago about ebay and they said if something wrong happens I'm able to file a claim and I should b able 2 get my money back without 2 much complications.

My mum been waiting for as I was buying for. Knowing mum and dad they would b so upset at me that if i dont recieve the wallet and make me feel really stupid :'(


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
Definitely escalate the claim if the seller fails to communicate very well!
Since it's been nearly 2 months, and you only have 20 days to escalate to the claim, do it now, better safe than sorry!


Jun 8, 2006
Agree with Karman, don't wait any more. I'm from Sydney, the longest I've to wait for a normal (air mail) parcel from US is 3 weeks. From then on I always ask the seller to use Global Priority (4-6 business days) or Global Express (3-5 business days). Good luck.:yes: