Help: have you seen any Large/OS Muse on sale?

  1. Hey girls: I've decided that the large Muse is the one for me. I have the OS Muse in Oak, but now I have to get the Large Muse b/c I think that size suits me much better. Will y'all pm me if you find a good deal on a large muse (brown or black)? I would appreciate your help so much. I really don't want to pay full price but just about anything less will be a-okay with hubby and me. THANKS!!
  2. You can try YSL boutique, I called yesterday they still have brown...redish ones on sale. Give them a call, they will be very kind to help you.
  3. I don;t know of any large in brown or black but do know or large in some of the fall colors.. it was at one of the YSL boutiques.. I called all of them looking for an OS.. no luck with that.. some have already sent the sales bags to the outlet.. ( thats what the guy said) but I found one wonderful lady who had I believe the orange, and dark orange, and maybe olive too in Large on sale the price at the YSL boutique is $899 ( NM, Bergdoff, had them on sale for less but none left)

    if you want her exact name and number PM me.. I think i still have it in my date book
  4. I just saw the Muse on sale at Bluefly this morning!