help! have you seen a black logan IRL, because mine arrived and it's gray/brown!?


Jul 28, 2008
Hi all - any advice would be appreciated. I ordered a black logan satchel from the recent Gilt sale. It arrived, and it's not quite black - more like a very dark grey brown.

The color itself isn't terrible, but I bought it because I wear a lot of black, but next to my black clothes it looks really off.

I'm going to try to find another one to compare this to, as I've seen this bag in the past and thought it was true black.

Anyone who's seen a black logan - is it a true black, or is this the color it's supposed to be?

thank you!
Was the black Logan on the Gilt sale supposed to come with silver hardware, or gold? I've seen the previous season's (distressed) black Logan (with antiqued gold/brass hardware) in person before, and IIRC, it's definitely a distinct black. I haven't seen the latest season's black Logan (with silver hardware) in person, though, so I can't say if it should be a very deep black, but I don't think it should come off looking brownish either.

Are you able to post pics of the Logan you got?
hi - thanks - I will try to post pics - let me see what I can do. It came with silver hardware.

I called the botkier store in nolita ... the sales person was really nice, and checked the logans she had in stock. She said she saw what I did, and that they were definitely "medium black", and were not "black black". She also looked at other black bags in the store said that some were "medium" and others were "black black".

it seems like this is the right color, which leaves me totally annoyed.

Ok, ignore my original question - just checked it out at two stores - it turns out they're all this color. It's actually really pretty - I think part of the reason it looks lighter is the sheen from the leather, which is totally smooth.

I'm considering keeping it as it's actually really pretty, and the leather is to die for, but not sure, as I have the navy, and they're similar (a dark but not black bag in exactly the same shape).