help! have you noticed a stamp on your CC logo? what is it?

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  1. hello ladies!! sorry if my title is too long!:sweatdrop: i just got my first chanel recently and i noticed a stamp on the top left corner of my double C logo. this is on my gold hardware chanel, but not on the silver hardware chanel?? i've been trying to figure out what it is but it's too small to see! i tried googling and searching and found nothing! no one ever talks about the little stamp at all!! here's some pictures so you girls know what i'm talking about!
    okay bottom left corner here, i think i took this picture upside down haha:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    another one! sorry it's abit blur but that's the best i could do!

    what is it??? my friend's vintage chanel (gold HW) had some sort of stamp too, but it looked different from this one..could any one enlighten me on it?? TIA for any help!!:flowers::flowers:
  2. Yep, I've seen that on some of my flaps (and also some of the flaps in stores).
  3. thanks Beautylicious!! so i guess it is the 22k gold plate marking? but mine doesn't look like any of the ones posted! the closest picture was what was described as "M" or "W" or a fancy "H", but i can't make out any of those from my stamp! haha
  4. Maybe a jewelry expert could help out on which gold marking means what, because I'm as clueless as you regarding the meaning of the markings :shrugs:
  5. I just wanted to add that it would not be on the silver CC logo.
  6. ....and some of the NEWER gold tone classic flaps do not have the stamp anymore.