HELP!!! have you ever bought

  1. 3 new bags at once and loved them all so much you couldn't decide which one to wear??? how do you decide? i have a bulga butterfly, a coach legacy shoulderbag in pond and a kooba natasha in!!!:hysteric:
  2. jesus. start from the least expensive and go up, or vise versa. thats an insane decision to have to make. i want a legacy so bad!
  3. O MY GOD songofthesea you have to tell me is the pond amazing?!?!?! i am getting a legacy satchel TOMORROW and i cant deicde btwn whisky and pond

    I LOVE THE POND but is it going to go out of style or not stay a cute color, the whisky seems more "timeless" but the pond IS AMAZING!!!
    pplease shed some light for me

    AND in my opinion: i would use the natasha in the middle of the other 2, like use the maybe butterfly 1st? then the natasha cause it is so different then the others on a whole other level with its patent leather and then the other one :smile: the coach for instance

    what color is the butterfly?
  4. the butterfly is a "taupey brown" color and i love it! the natasha is caramel and squishy and soft and i love it!!! the pond is AMAZING!!!! it's not "baby blue" like i thought it would's just a gorgeous color blue and looks very rich...the hardware is awesome...i thought i was "over coach" years ago, but, they are making some great stuff...i say, go for the pond because you can always find a whiskey colored bag and the great thing about pond is that if you ever get tired of it and it becomes a discontinued color, you can sell it on eBay and get a lot of $$$ for it from a collector...
    : )
  5. Oh, I did that before Christmas. I bought three Hayden-Harnett bags and the Gryson Skye. I will NEVER do that again. It made me so....nervous. It drove me nuts trying to decide what to do....which to carry first, etc. So I know what you mean. I ended up using the black hobo from HH and have carried it since, using the other 3 only once each.

    Let us know how this plays out with you. :~)
  6. Oh my, congrats, congrats! I bought a ton of bags over Christmas when all the amazing sales were going on, and I :heart: having so many to choose from! It did ruin my normal handbag rule though: I normally decide what handbag to carry and then based my outfit from that, but those first weeks I decided what to wear and THEN matched it up with a handbag! Hehe, sounds a little insane now that I'm putting it in writing!
  7. The legacy pond color is very pretty. It is alot more vivid then what it appears on the website. Here is my brand new shoulder bag for you to see! I don't know if you have seen the bag in person or not.
  8. i know what you mean heath..i LOVE my legacy and the pond is gorgeous!!!
  9. I just saw the Kooba Natasha today IRL and I loved it, esp in the patent and in the ink color. I love Coach shoes more than Coach bags, so I would vote for the Kooba....but on this website, you'll have fans rooting for all of them :smile:
  10. the pond is pretty!
  11. Kooba. Always Kooba LOL