HELP! Have you dealt with this seller???

  1. Hi. I am wondering about I ordered the large chloe US Shopper tote in jaune from them last wednesday, and haven't heard a thing. My order says "processing" which could mean anything from they're looking at the order, to it already having been sent. I sent three emails, no reply, and their phone number is always "busy." I even called directory assistance in the UK in case they are giving the wrong number on their website, and I was told there is no listing...:cursing: The only thing I got from them, was right after I ordered and paid. I received the email confirmation that "World Pay" sent them the payment, and a confirmation from them, that they received payment. Has anyone bought anything from them, or do some of the UK PF ladies know of them??? Thanks, I am baffled, unless it's a total scam, in which case I may be out the 2K!!!!:crybaby:
  2. I've certainly heard of them, it's where loads of WAGs go shopping!
    Is this the number you've been trying? [FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]0151 227 4645[/FONT]
  3. Yes, it's consistantly busy...have you ever bought anything from them?
  4. Hi Beanie

    I will ask around for you, and see if I can find anyone who has used them.

    I had a quick look, but am trying SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard not to buy any more handbags :hysteric: ~ it just is so tempting.

    I have no idea how I ended up here, think my laptop is possessed.

    I am not supposed to be here, just had a new tower for my pc delivered, and I should be sorting that out, and installing stuff etc.

    You havent seen me, have you :busted
  5. You may have already seen this on the shipping page, but look down to returns, and see what it tells you about when the return period starts from.:sweatdrop:

    There is also an email addy down in that section, which is to check status on your order.

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    PS For UK people, I have intended to watch for the last few weeks, and forgotten about it, but there is a program on TV on a Tuesday called WAGS boutique, and two sets of WAGS open rival boutiques on a 15K budget, in a trailer I saw, it did show they all loved bags, and was showing you them choosing bags.

    Could be interesting to watch, if only I could remember. Has anyone seen any of them?
  6. Thanks, I just emailed them again, using that additional email address. I have no idea how they operate with no communication. Very strange...I would love to know if anyone on the PF has ever bought from them, either online or in person...:hysteric:
  7. Beanie

    They are a totally legit store who stock high end designer goods. Unfortunately their website leaves a lot to be desired and things on there have been there for a number of years and actually they don't even have in Stock. Its a pain but just keep on trying to call them - I often find first thing in the morning is best. There is a lot of people who have bought from them.

    Maybe your post might get more responses in the general handbag section if that helps?

    Yes I have seen the Wags boutique programme - some of it a bit cringeworthy! but watchable
  8. Thank you, that helps for sure.:rolleyes: The bag I ordered was showing two in stock, but as soon as my order went through, they were showing one in stock, so hopefully they did actually have the bag. It still says processing when I look up the order, so I guess I'll try to keep calling and/or just wait for the bag to show up. I would guess it may take at least 2 weeks, coming from the UK to the Chicago area. :s
    If anyone has any other thoughts...that would be great. I guess I just have to be patient...
  9. Thank you for the peace of mind about I just PM'd Roz from Roz77772002, and she assures me they are legit and she is even going to call tomorrow to check that my order has been sent! What great friends I have here at the PF!!:yes: Hopefully my US Shopper is on it's way:yahoo:
    Thanks again...another crisis averted, by the diligent work of the PF:wlae:
  10. Sorry Beanie I didn't realise you were in Chicago or I would have offered to call for you taking into account the time difference. Great that Roz is doing that for you. Hopefully you will get some news soon.

  11. ITA. :yes:

    I've tried to buy things from their website, that appear to be in stock, but they never really are! :lol:
  12. Yes i have seen it, and last night when it was on, i saw the owner and proprietor of Cricket Liverpool helping the WAGS - so she does exist!:yes:

    I would buy from Cricket, no hesitation. Maybe would call them first, though, after all your recommendations.;)

    Hang in there beanie - you will get your bag!;) :heart:
  13. Don't panic Beanie Cricket is my local boutique in Liverpool and totally legit, they're just a bit slow to meet the demands of modern technology! :rolleyes:
  14. OMG! What a great group! Yes, Roz is calling for me tomorrow so I should have some info, plus she also assured me that they are legit. Thank you all for your help and reassurance...maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight! I don't know what I'd do without the PF...I was starting to go into a panic, especially with my DH asking, "when is your new Chloe bag getting here?" I was sort of "...well, any day now..." and then thinking OMG, if I have to start calling to get 2K back, I'll have a meltdown...I had no answer to my emails, and the order info was stagnating....I was starting to go into that twilight zone of "what happened to my CHLOE!!!:crybaby:"
    Thank you all again!! I'll keep you posted!:s
  15. Just for a follow up: Roz from roz77772002 on eBay, got them on the phone for me and was assured that my jaune colored bag would go out that day. I got an email comfirming that,:yes: but then I received another email telling me that the bag was not in stock, (this after they had my 2K for a week!) and the only color they have is the gray, (which I believe is what they call the mousse) AND they could ship that one! :cursing: I was so disgusted! I have the mousse already in that style, (nice how they pick the color for you!!!) and emailed them to just refund my money. I didn't hear from them after that until Roz called them again the next day, (again I could never get through,) to tell them to please give me a refund! They told her that their "email wasn't working" but that they would take care of it. Finally, they did! :hysteric: What an ordeal! The kicker is, is that the US SHOPPER is still, as I type this, on their website in all three colors! So, just know that if you order from them, they are not easy to communicate with, plus, they will hang on to your money while they are figuring out what bag to send you, perhaps other than the one you want, since they may or may not have it!!!:crybaby: