Help!! Have until 1pm CA time today to decide!

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I am new to the PF, this is my first post, and I need your help.
    The SA from Nieman's is calling me at 1pm for my decision. I am trying to decide between the Classic jumbo flap in black caviar with shw or the new 2010 timeless accordion in black caviar.
    My mom bought me an adorable black caviar wallet on a chain I would have to exchange to be able to get one of the other Chanel bags. OR (sorry I know this is Chanel forum) I can keep my adorable wallet on a chain and get a Balenciaga city and a great pair of Chloe wedges...... HELP.

    Currently I have one Chanel and no Balenciaga....I am starting the obsession.

    So ladies what do you think?

    I tried to post photos but they are too large.
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    Jumbo caviar flap

    But then I just read that your mom got you a caviar wallet on a chain and if it is metal c's then I would keep it but if it is embossed then I would exchange it.
  3. Tough call. I would say go for the jumbo flap. Great all around classic bag that will last you forever. HOWEVER, if you feel you'd get more use out of the WOC I'd say keep that.
  4. jumbo flap for sure
  5. Depends on your lifestyle. Do you have kids? Carry a lot of stuff? Plan on using this daily?
  6. The WOC has the mini silver CC's
  7. No kids. Don't carry much. Need it for every day. I like the classic...well because it is a timeless classic. But I also like the accordion bc it is more modern and casual...
  8. Since I love my Black Caviar WOC, and use it all the time, I would keep it and get a Balenciaga. The WOC is so can use it in the daytime for shopping.........slung over your body, or wrap the chain two or three times, for an evening bag. I would never get rid of the WOC. I love Chanel, but Balenciaga is also beautiful! Even though this is the Chanel Section.........many of the people here also carry bags by different designers.
  9. I agree! I LOVE my half moon WoC and can fit so much in it. I also love Bals and the colors right now are AMAZING!
  10. I do love Chanel but if you will use and want a WOC then I would keep it and get the Balenciaga.
  11. Jumbo Flap!!!
  12. Jumbo flap is more classic
  13. SOOO what did you decide??
  14. Jumbo Black Flap is Classic and perfect for everyday! :tup:
  15. Thanks ladies!!!!
    The SA still hasn't I am still looking at pics and reading your reviews. I am leaning toward the jumbo flap though :biggrin: