help! have to decide by tomorrow feb

  1. so i have found the timeless patent sorta like a bowler? sorta like a tote? it has a zipper and a single strap, long enough to go over the shoulder. it's available in blk, white and navy patent. they are 1325 or 1395, and i can't decide on the color. anyone has them or have seen them irl? i was told it's big, it's almost the same size as the GST, but shorter. help!
  2. white patent would be nice...
  3. but white patent is too easy to get color transfered...i'd pick black.

    but i wanna see pics!
  4. so, this is the pic, it's alot bigger than it looks i was told

  5. i like black
  6. Go for the black!
  7. no one likes the navy so far? i am tempted by the navy just cuz i don't think it's a color chanel would do again.
  8. I love navy. What are the supposed dimensions? I love this bag from the pic, does it zip closed?
  9. it's 15" by 10"
  10. yes, i've seen that bag. it's really cute, but definitely larger than it looks in the pictures. the bag i've seen was a touch smaller than the GST.
  11. black. although if you like the navy, you should go for it. i think the black has a bit more oomph and would go lovely with a pair of patent pumps.
  12. Black
  13. I like black~
  14. Are you sure that's the bag? The picture you posted is of a bag that has two straps - I almost bought the small version of it in caviar, and it was around $2,000. The big version that I love is over $3,000.
  15. Get the black!