Help! Have NAP sold me fakes?!

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  1. I ordered a pair of size 38 black patent Decolletes from NAP. I had already bought a pair in a 38.5 but they kept slipping at the back. I have just received the 38s and I am concerned they might be a fake that have been returned by a customer (they could easily have been swapped). First of all, they had loads of finger prints all over them and the last pair I got were pristine. Okay, so I know this in itself doesn't mean they're fake but the sole of them seemed scratched and not smooth (at first i thought it was because the person before had perhaps tried them on a hard floor but on closer inspection it could just be a rough finish (i.e. fake) and not the smooth finish of a genuine pair of Louboutins. The toe box also seemed slightly shorter than my original 38.5s. The inside of the shoe where it says Paris and has the logo is printed in a thinner font than the 38.5. Also the finish of the shoes didn't seem very good, there was a bit of rough edge where the sole is glued at the edge.

    I don't know if I am just being paranoid. What does everyone think? I don't want to return them because it's so hard to get these shoes in the UK and i have waited a long time.
  2. Can you post pictures? CLs do vary from shoe to shoe since they're handmade. It might be easier for us to tell if you post a photo.
  3. ^^^ I was going to ask the same. Got pics?
  4. oh no! can you post some photos in the "authenticate these louboutins" thread? that's your best way to find out.

    edited to add: jinx!
  5. Ok. Just give me a few minutes. What photos shall I take? Just the inside of the shoes?
  6. Yes, please post pictures of the front and side of the shoes; the stamps aren't important. The things you have mentioned do not mean they are fake.
  7. :useless:
  8. How do I attach pictures that are in My Pictures on my desktop?
  9. I have just said give me a few minutes i'll post pics!
  10. When you're posting a reply, go to advanced - you'll see a place where you can add attachments.
  11. Got it thanks!
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    Won't let me do it. It says a security token was missing. Don't know what that means. Sometimes it says invalid.
  13. Post them on photobucket and then link them here.
  14. I didn't refresh before posting that but no need to get worked up.