Help - have I made a mistake!

  1. Hi there

    I brought a black epi speedy 25 on Monday - after bringing it home and trying all stuff in it - it just didn't work. It was impossible to get in and out off and just felt too small. There was no room for my extras such as an umbrella - bottle of water etc

    By way of context my last bag was a Mulberry Bayswater which is pretty big and I love big bags!!

    So I went back today and exchanged it for a 30. Now I am wondering whether this is a mistake asit feels huge! I don't think it looks bad on but it is a really big bag!

    I am 5'4 and a medium build. Do you think I have made a mistake - it is just too big?

    Please can I have your comments:flowers:
  2. I think with the epi it's good to go for the bigger sizes because the leather is stiff and isn't as flexible as the canvas' so the opening it much smaller. If you felt it was really just too big could you go for a damier or mono speedy?
  3. Thanks but it is the Epi I want - I just love the Epi leather in black and work is quite conservative so I feel more comfortable with the look of epi.

    I would love the mono but wouldn't feel comfortable using it work KWIM?
  4. Oh okay then, well I suppose 30 would have to be your best choice :yes: maybe you'll get used to the 30. I don't think it'd swamp you entirely - it's quite an average size imo.
  5. Thanks - maybe it is just the shock in size from the 25 - 30, I remember when I got my bayswater I thought it was such a huge bag but I got used to it.

    I know the 25 isn't right, but I am not 100% sure about the 30.....
  6. Since the 25 didn't fit your essentials like an umbrella, folders, etc and the 30 does... then I think you made the right decision.

    It may feel huge, but at least you don't have to carry your umbrella in one arm and the purse in the other....

    But that's my opinion.... I have a Cerises 25 and I think the opening is too small! The only way I'll get another 25 is if it is an LE....

    Do what you think is best for you. For instance, if you feel awkward carrying the 30 and will end up not using it then go for the 25.
  7. I think it's just the move from the 25 to the 30....the 30 is a great size and the Epi black is sharp!!!! IMHO I think you'll be happy in the end!!!!:smile:
  8. Stay with the 30. In one week you won't even think it looks big.
  9. You're right, the 25 is small...the opening is so stiff that is why I only used mine about 2x before selling it!!! I think the 30 might end up growing on you :smile:
  10. Thanks everyone - I think it is just the shock! I mean 30 is the most popular size (or so the SA told me!) so all the cool LV wearing ladies can't be wrong surely!:p
  11. :heart:I love Mulberry bags :yes: The epi bags are gorgeous, I'm about to get a Jasmin in black. The 30 may seems big at first because it keeps it shape and is less flexible compared to the mono or azur. You can try to take a picture and we'll tell you if it looks good. (But I'm sure it looks great)
  12. The 30 seems big in the black-but when it softens a bit you will start to love it, I am sure! It is a great bag-you could dress it up or down and it is a very timeless, classic piece, not too big!
  13. I'm sure you will grow to love your 30. I have the black epi 25 and it is just right for me, butdo not carry a lot of essentials on a daily basis.
    The epi speedy was my first LV and still the one I love the most. :smile:
    I am 5 '4" as well, and its a perfect size. I have gotten comments (from guys) am I carry a suitcase,what do they know!!!
    That black speedy is the one LV BAG that I have gotten the most complements fr:heart:om.
    She is gorgeous-you won't regret it. I am 52 and it is such a classy bag, will be classy for years to come.
    I agree, the opening on 25 bothered me, thats why I got tht 30.
    ENJOY her!!!!!!:heart::heart:
  15. ITA ^^^ At the store, I tired both on and the 30 looked huge after trying on the 25. So I bought the 25. It is a great little bag and it does hold more than one would think, but I have always regretted not buying the 30. Like you I like to carry many things in the day. I find I don't use the bag as often as I would like because my other bags hold more. So if it is a bag for everyday that you want the 30 is a much better choice. The 25 is a little dressier for special occasions.:smile: