Help - have I just been unlucky?

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  1. Hello everyone - I am new to Mulberry. I bought a Somerset Hobo (chocolate) at Heathrow a couple of weeks ago. I've only used it for a week and have noticed the sealant on the edge of the strap is cracking and coming away where it is stitched around the ring holding it onto the bag.

    Mulberry suggested a repair! I will take it to Covent Garden for either a replacement or refund.

    Can anyone tell me - is this normal for a bag of this calibre or have I just been unlucky? I'm not sure about replacing it with another Mulberry bag but I have also just got a purse which is lovely. I do expect a bit of wear and tear but not after just a week.
  2. Hi lisabeez and welcome to the Forum!

    I think you just got unlucky; that's not what you would normally encounter when purchasing a Mulberry bag. BUT, as with everything, mistakes can happen and unfortunately your's fell into this category.

    You already got Mulberry on the case, but if you really like the bag and can get a replacement, that's brilliant.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!

  3. Really sorry you've been unfortunate there, I too have the Somerset in Choc and have found it to be one of the most well-made I have ever owned and a real workhorse of a bag.

    If the bag is faulty though you are certainly owed a repair or replacement! Best of luck with it!
  4. Thanks for your replies. Yes, perhaps I have just been unlucky. It is a lovely bag, so easy to use. I will go down to Covent Garden and see what happens. I'll keep you posted.
  5. good luck Lisa - I agree with what is posted above - you have just been unlicky - it does happen - but not too often.
  6. Congrats on becoming a Mulberry owner, first and foremost. But sorry that you have run into problems already :sad: It sounds like the inking on the handles has cracked maybe? I had that problem with my Roxanne but it never bothered me at all. You can get it re-inked via Mulberry for a small fee, just FYI. But as it's new, you should definitely take it back and swap it for another to put your mind at rest.
  7. Thanks, fuzzyfelt27, for the info re re-inking. Its good to know for the future. Hope I am not overreacting - I am a fussy Virgo but it does need to be perfect even if its just until the novelty wears off!!
  8. You are not overreacting ! This should not happen to a new bag. Hope this get solved in a good way, I am sure it will !

  9. Your not alone - i like things to be pefect too!

    In addition to what's already been said, Mulberry repairs are free of charge within the first year
  10. Hi everyone, just an update. Hubby took Somerset Hobo to Covent Garden this lunchtime and exchanged it for a Choc East/West Bayswater. Not only is it the weekend tomorrow but really cannot wait until he gets home tonight ... hope I like it.
  11. Ohhh lovely, the E/W Bays is beautiful! And the straps are a great length for wearing on the shoulder. I hope you love it!! Will you let us know and post some photographs for us to :drool over?
  12. Hi,
    I'm new to the forum and have been looking to find a second hand Mulberry Roxanne in oak does anyone know where the best place to look is? Iam too afraid to buy on ebay as there are so many fakes around.
    Many thanks,
    olakala x
  13. Welcome to the forum olakala !

    Ebay is the easiest way to find second hand bags. Please do post for help oh the "authentificate this Mulberry" thread if you find something you are interested in.

    Lisabeez - How do you like the e/w Bays? I have the same bag and it is a big favourite.

  14. Hi Olakala and :welcome2: to the forum aka The Slippery Slope !

    If you are interested in any thing on ebay then do make sure that you get it authenticated on here by our lovely experts . They have helped me buy almost all my bags and are brilliant.

    You could also try Love Handbags too - the last time I looked they had a lush Oak Roxanne ....I'm rather partial to Oak Roxannes and spend a lot of time drooling over them...
  15. Thank you slowhand I have just been onto the love handbags site I didn't even know it existed! Iv'e just applied to become a member-I think I may be getting my card out!
    Thanks again I feel like I am getting somewhere at last in my ling search.