Help have fallen in love.....

  1. I have fallen in love with the paddy ... can any of you who are in the know what the pros and cons are? I am a hermes fanatic but would like a change.....:smile:
  2. PROs:

    • Roomy, three compartments, plus inner zipper and cell phone pocket
    • Smooshy wonderful leather
    • Easy to wear, the perfect every day bag
    • Heavy (3+ lbs unladen!) :roflmfao:
    • ADDICTIVE!!!!
    You'll suddenly need one in every color :nuts:
  3. THANKS FOR THAT INFO....i have heard there is a xmas colour ie nude or do i go for the aubergine ?:confused1:
  4. Durable, mine has been rained on and put everywhere and I don't see a mark. I even slipped and fell dropping it on the sidewalk and the purse came out without a scratch! I just have a whiskey though.
  5. It's really slouchy,roomy and you'll get soooo many comments about it.
    Downside is the weight and that :hysteric: padlock!
    Think the good points outweigh the bad, though....
  6. I had not heard of the xmas "nude". It sounds lovely though, something less orange than the current tan, maybe??

  7. I think the padlock is a pro and a con!
    Pro: Looks so darn cool
    Con: Adds weight

    I have to add that these bags are so incredible to touch as the leather is so smooshy
  8. I have heard the xmas colour is meant to be fab coming to europe this week....!!!!:smile:
  9. Welcome Birkin girl to the OTHER dark side!!! Paddy fever is very serious, and the only cure is to buy one! You will not regret it!

    The one perk that I must add about the paddington is that you can wear it over your shoulder. The leather is absolutely TDF, so squishy and durable. And you do not have to worry so much about scuffing it up- the leather is more like togo or clemence in terms of texture and thickness. Of course it is different than Hermes, but in a fabulous way. And like the other ladies said, they are every bit as addictive:love:

    Check out this website for ideas about colors: ::: shopping online :::

    And we have more eye candy in our wonderful reference thread All About Paddingtons:

  10. Thanks jag wondered if you would spot me here .... just think i need a change from the hermes for a while and go with something a bit funkier...:jammin:
  11. I completely understand birkin girl! I think its great that you are venturing outside of Hermes- Variety is the spice of life!!!
  12. I'd like to clarify this: You can wear the paddington satchel over your shoulder...IF you are a small girl. I'm a size 14 and I could barely get it to fit, and even then it was not comfortable. With a sweater or a jacket, it would have been impossible.

    That said, all of the other wonderful things you've heard about Chloe are true, especially the soft, smushy leather. :love: Yum!