Help! Have been told S/S07 Work and Day only comes in the new gold hardware?!?

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  1. I checked with my local Singapore Balenciaga store and the SAs there told me that for S/S07, the Work and Day only comes with the new giant gold hardware.... Is that true? I am a great fan of the new marine color and would luff luff luff to get a Work or/and Day in Marine. But, I'm really not too sure about the giant hardware.... :s

    Would love to hear from any of lovely ladies whether you know if the S/S07 Work/Days would come in the brass hardware? Have any of you seen the S/S07 Work/Day in brass hardware yet? I'm would be utterly sad if they didn't come with brass hardware as well. The SAs told me there are unsure if the shipment later in Feb/March with the other S/S07 colors would have Days or Works in brass hardware.... :sad:

    BTW, for anyone interested in S/S07 bags in Singapore, the Balenciaga store now has the color swatch and some other photos of the bags in the store now and are starting a waiting list for the bags. I think they will only come in mid to end Jan/early Feb. (Yes, the bags do come in so much later than Europe or US.....)
  2. Balenciaga Singapore has very limited designs only. I am sure you can get the normal brass hardware from other countries. Get yours from somewhere else.
  3. I was told that they will still come with normal hardware, when I spoke to Bal in Paris...
  4. Which is why I hate hate hate waitlists... bless the SAs here in Spore (they're really very nice) but the system here is RIDICULOUS!....Everywhere else has got their Bbags but here in Spore we're to wait til Jan/Feb 07??!!!
    Why? Can anyone tell me why???:cursing: :cursing:
    Sorry ladies...just griping....
  5. I'm pretty sure I saw a SS07 work at Barney's with regular hardware.
  6. I hope it's not true :s
    I'd love a grass green or vert d'eau work but I don't like the giant hardware at all!

  7. It's the same here some get a few in this week but most of it will hit the stores in february since they don't want to put the new bags out during the sales period in january !
  8. Thanks ladies. :yes: OK, now I will try to *convince* my friend who'll be in London early next to help look for a nice Work/Day in normal brass hardware! :graucho:
  9. good luck!!:love:
  10. I don't like that giant gold hardware. It looks so strange.:yucky:
  11. The giant hw looks quite nice on the cafe city tho... I think its a matter of color combination... I'm not loving them myself and opted for the normal hw.
    the Tassels makes the bag i think...elkekekekeke