HELP : have anyone shipped balenciaga bag from london to asia ?

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  1. what's the most efficient way
    not so expensive and not so long *cant bear the waiting*

    and how much is it roughly ?

    thank you for the help :smile:
  2. I have shipped a Bottega Veneta bag from London store to Hong Kong. Usually takes only about 3-5 days and the shipping cost ranges from 50-80 GBP.
  3. bought 2 of my Bals (Sang RGGH City and Sahara GGH City) from Bal London...took 2 days max. to Hong Kong because the customs here are the best!!!!
  4. I've ordered a couple of bags from Bal London and I got it 3-4 days max! no customs hassle also :smile: Bal London will only mail the bags to the billing add of the cc