HELP!! Have an hour to decide.. should i buy this L.A.M.B bag?

  1. Okay ladies and gents..
    i need help with this bag.. the SA will only hold it until closing.. price tag is $359.97 and original price is $725 (Shopbop still have em, regular price).. the thing is i use a lot of dark denim and i'm afraid that i will leave some stain mark on the bag.. what do you guys think? should i or should i not get it?

  2. If you are worried about it getting stained, no way. If you don't care if it does, then that's one hell of a deal.
  3. ^^agreed...I'm deathly afraid of using light colored bags for that same reason.
  4. its gorgoues and will look awesome with jeans in the spring. Jean stains can be cleaned on leather. Get a good leather cleaner and keep it handy. Plus if you get it and you don't like it you can always return it but if you don't go for it you might regret it!
  5. It is a cute bag!
  6. I like it a lot.
  7. my answer is yes of course! I love the colors and the leather is wonderful IRL
  8. It's a helluva a deal, it'll go with everything and what a steal! Plus, there's always Mr. Clean Magic Eraser just in case. But I'm sure you will take extra care of it anyway, so I say go for it!!! :tup:
  9. Normally I would say no if you're concerned about the light color. BUT, that's such an awesome deal...if you really love then just get it and be extra careful!
  10. You can clean denim stains off of it. if its a bag you've had your eye on then go for it. Otherwise you might regret it (been there :crybaby:). Personally, I think it's really cute and I love the shape!
  11. Get it. If you change your mind after "testing" it at home, you can return it. Better to get it now than lose out on the deal and regret it for months......

    We all know how that feels :sad:
  12. It's tdf.... but if you are worried about color transfer you'll never be fully comfortable carrying it.

  13. Buy it, and then decide. You can always take it back, but you can't buy it once it's gone!

  14. Now that's my kinda girl!!!!! :tup: :yes:
  15. Thank you ladies for all your help.. :flowers::flowers:
    Last night, I decided to get it and I called back the store to charge my card and asked them to hold it until today since i couldn't make it to the store last night.. and the SA ask the manager and she said NO.. :crybaby:

    The SA suggested to come in early today.. so i called this morning to make sure that the bag still there.. but sadly, its gonee!:crybaby:

    so i called another NR all the way in Chicago (i think they always have pretty good selection of designer handbags) and they have it!! I have to do charge-send and wait a lil bit to get my hands on this baby.. i got charge for shipping but it's totally worth it!!

    i learn from my mistake.. so next time, i'll just buy it and decide later.. lol..
    Thank you ladiess..