Help! Has this ever happened to anyone????

  1. I just took my brand new Jillian out of the bag to wear today to the Charger game. I've never used it. I was admiring it and taking the kooba hang tag off. The inside brass Kooba plate was dangling. I touched it and it fell off! Is there a way to reattach it? It almost looks like it was rusted off from the inside. I know the bag is authentic. I purchased it in July from Neimans on line during the 4 day sale. What should I do???? I know I will be the only one that sees it, but still!:cursing: It's my first time to wear my first Kooba, I am so sad.....
  2. Bummer. I have a Kooba Sienna and have not had a problem with it but that would really upset me too. I wouldn't care that it's not seen by others, it would bug me. I think there may have been a thread about this same problem some time ago. Do you still have the receipt? Even if you don't, I would take it back to NM. I'm sure they can look up your purchase if it was by cc. I would think they would be pretty good about doing some sort of repair if it's possible. Or you could take it to a good shoe repair and see what they say. Good luck, keep us posted.
  3. That is really awful. It makes me question the quality of Kooba bags and if they are really worth the money. I would contact Kooba directly and see if they will offer to repair or replace your bag.
  4. wow....that really sux! I have also had a kooba quality issue. a stud on my kooba paige popped off the second I took it out of the bag...i ended up getting it fixed at a leather shop. kooba pretty much said "tough luck." just maybe Neimans will help you.
  5. How can we continue to buy these expensive bags from them, have them falling apart, and they say "tough luck" pretty much? this is so dissappointing.
  6. These are isolated incidents for the most part. As much as I am displeased with Koobas newer styles, the bags they make are quality bags. I've had dozens of Koobas with no problems and so have many others in here. Every designer has flaws that pop up. Gryson is a known for well made sturdy bags but they had a whole line of Lexi bags that all the rivots popped off of.

    They did make it right for everyone. I wil admit that Kooba's service sucks but NM or wherever the bag was bought should make it right.
  7. you know speaking of Gryson, the first run of Olivia bags, all the handles came off. but they replaced it for anyone who requested it.
  8. Hi Gracie Loo
    Sorry this happened to you. I'd contact Neiman Marcus. If they don't have another of the same bag, you may have to decide whether you'd rather have your $ and find something else you like. Maybe if they don't have another one to sell you online you can go to the Fashion Valley store and either pick something else out or get a refund there.

  9. Hi Knics, that sucks what color is your paige? I'm thinking of getting one, where did it pop off? I know lots of questions but this year the holiday budget is tight. I just want to make sure before I make the purchase. Oh and did you happen to take pictures of it? Any help would be great!
  10. I contacted Kooba. Nothing. They said to contact the retailer who sold me the bag. I have just finished going back and forth with Neiman Marcus. They can't exchange it because they don't have it. They won't repair it or send it to Kooba to be fixed. They gave me a $30 credit for the hassle. I happened to park in front of a shoe repair place today when I went out form my morning Starbucks. I went in with the bag. The guy told me it would be really simple to go in through the zip pocket to fix it and it wouldn't be seen. So what do you all think? Should I do that, or still just return it to Neimans and give their $30 back???? I really like the bag, but it isn't big enough to be my everyday bag.
  11. Will Neiman's still accept the bag back and issue a full refund? If so I would send it back, if not, I guess have it repaired.
  12. That's a bummer Gracie....I actually had a stud pop off my black Lucy yesterday and I emailed Kooba and was asking about having a repair made (not that I wouldn't PAY as I have had the bag a while) and they sent me a generic "sorry about your luck" email telling me that unless you bought it from the website they were referring all problems to the retailer........soooooo, I just spent all morning on line looking for some studs that will match the Lucy's and I am either going to take it to a leather repair, or try it myself. I think I am going through the pocket as your shoe repair guy mentioned. I say if you like the bag, have it fixed. And if the studs look like a match for my Lucy I know where to get a supply now...(since I have 3 other Lucy's, LOL) :crybaby:

  13. I'd probably return it if I could get full refund. Then I could have something else to shop for to replace it. But if you love it and the shoe repair place will fix for a reasonable price, that's also a good option.