Help...Has anyone seen the Paddington in Plum?

  1. I saw a girl with a Paddington in a Plum color and it was just gorgeous. I have never seen that color in the stores. Has anyone seen one during their shopping travels? TIA!
  2. you mean the Chocolate color? It looks a little plumlike in certain lighting.
  3. Hmm.....I saw her from a distance outside during the day. It looked more like a true plum/wine color rather than more chocolate. It was a very deep plum color.
  4. It could be grenat? That is a true wine color (but it's not plum looking...) Let me see if I can find a picture...
  5. This is star3777's gorgeous Grenat paddington. In a different thread she said the color in the photo is very true to what it looks like Irl:
  6. There is also a new color this season, Aubergine. It is plum looking but it is a metallic. I saw one in the store and it was gorgeous. Maybe that was it?
  7. That could be it. Sorry, I'm not very familiar with metalic chloe colors! :shame:
  8. Yes! That was it!:yahoo: It is gorgeous! Thanks for helping me! Do you know where I can find one that color? I tend to see just the black and browns/natural colors in the stores.