Help! Has Anyone Had To Clean Their Balenciaga?

  1. Hi - -I am hoping someone here can help. I have only had my balenciaga city in taupe for a few months and I always take very good care of my bags. However, I just noticed I got some form of water or liquid mark on the bottom of the bag. I was wondering if anyone has had to clean their balenciaga before and how they did it/where they took it to.

  2. look up apple guarde. i havent personally used it- but i have have heard it is THE stuff to use
  3. Definitely Apple Garde! Try the 'leather conditioner', and you can purchase the leather cleaner - but use it sparingly (it's drying) and make sure you MOISTURIZE IT A LOT (with the leather conditioner) after. The leather conditioner will lift surface stains.

    Although to prevent dirt/stains/water from affecting your bbag, purchase the Apple Garde rain & stain repellent (I'm like an advertisement, LOL!) - I always spray my bags that I love (including my Balenciaga's!) with this, and it doesn't change anything except protect it from the elements!
  4. Thanks so much - I will def. look up apple guard.
  5. Thanks -- I just ordered some from Luggage & Leather -- hopefully I should get it within a few days - I hope it takes the spot out. The SA at Balenciaga told me I should be able to remove it myself otherwise I could take it to a leather cleaner -- I am just nervous about letting someone clean the bag!
  6. ^ goodluck, I hope it works for you!