Help! Hardware question

  1. Hello!

    I recently ordered the Small Love Crossbody Bag in black and gold, but I read a lot of posts here from people who had experienced chipping on the hardware. So I ordered the one with the brass hardware instead (it was the last one and it was on sale), but I'm not sure if it's better? Is it real brass or is it also plated? Will it chip or not? I have bad experiences with gunmetal chipping before so I don't wanna spend money on a bag that will get ruined again.

  2. I've had multiple RM bags and no trouble with HW. I'd be most concerned with black HW as that black can ship off even on more expensive bags. I've had gold, gunmetal, silver and probably brass. I see no reason to worry about brass. But maybe I'm not keeping up on the new bags.