Help... Hamptons Tote in Blue or Sand?

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  1. I know some of you guys hate it when your friends copy you, but one of my best friends in college got this blue Coach tote last summer and I've been in love with it ever since. I've borrowed it before and love how it fits/feels. I once (half-jokingly) said, "Don't hate me, but I'm getting that bag too," but she responded well and said she didn't mind at all.

    I've honestly been searching for a whole year and never found anything close... Not within Coach styles (although I do like the Carly), smaller designers, not Marc Jacobs, even Chloe. I bought and then returned another blue leather Coach bag because the shape wasn't that great, and a Juicy Couture as well because the style just didn't work.

    Now I'm back to this, and I'm wondering if I should just get it. My friend and I live in different parts of the state and we're both graduating this year.

    The bag comes in Blue and Sand. She has it in blue, and I really like it. But I also kind of want a really light colored bag. The two bags I currently use are both shades of tan/taupe. I also already own a large Hamptons scribble tote.



    TL;DR: My friend already owns the blue one, but most of my bags are already tan/nutural colored.
  2. I think I like the blue best.
  3. I personally don't like the sand. To me, it's an older lady's color.
  4. Go for the Blue, what's wrong with friends having the same taste. :smile:
  5. This is a tough one. I like them both. If I had to choose just one, I'd go for the blue since you have some tan bags already.
  6. I like the blue.
  7. Thanks guys :smile: I like the blue more too anyway... But I think I'll run it by my friend again so I don't have to feel guilty. And only use it when I'm not with her!
  8. Go with the blue since you have tan/beige colored bags already.
  9. Blue!!
  10. I like the blue the best.. plus it's fun, different than what you already have, and won't show stains as well!!
  11. I have that bag in both colors but like the blue the best. It's a wonderful style.
  12. i like the blue best too. also, if you already have some tan bags, this will add a little color into your collection. :yes:
  13. Both colors are nice but I vote for the blue!
  14. I say blue, the sand is boring.
  15. Blue!
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