HELP! Hamptons Satchel question

  1. I am in love with this handbag, but I have a question. Maybe someone who owns it already can answer it for me! When I checked it out in the store, one of the handles wanted to slip off my shoulder. I'm thinking it may be partly because the display bag was so stuffed. Has this been a problem for anyone, or do you find that the handles stay nicely on your shoulder (at least most of the time)? The blue is the most gorgeous, holy grail color that I feel like I need to race back out to the store and buy it right now!
  2. My Hamptom's carryall has the rolled leather handles like that and it tends to slip off my shoulder sometimes. That's what I dislike about rolled handles when they are on your shoulder. :sad:
  3. it's a beautiful bag/color....but honestly the handles would drive me crazy..........sorry just my thoughts
  4. Well, in my opinion, rolled handles are meant to be on bags that are meant to be carried in your hand. They are a KILLER on your shoulder whenever I put extra things in my carryall. I had identations at the end of my mini vacay to Disneyland. It was not the smartest thing or bag to bring.
  5. I don't really have too much of a problem with the handles on mine. Then again, I don't have that much in my bag so it might help.
  6. my sister just got this bag in black (along with another signature bag after returning the andrea bag!), but she doesn't carry it on her shoulder, either in her hand or on her lower arm. it's ok bag. i don't really like the pebbled leather.
  7. I bought this bag with my PCE in black (along with 2 other bags and a fold over wristlet) and I used it yesterday and I am using it again today. It is funny because I walk over a mile each morning with my bag. Up until yesterday I've been using my first Coach purchase - a Hamptons book tote - every day for a few months. I LOVE that bag but one strap falls off the shoulder if I don't hold I usually hold on. I did not have to hold onto the satchel at all. Maybe it has to do with the shape/ slope of your shoulders? I did not stuff the bag, it is medium full. I love it! I think the shape is beautiful and it was so LIGHT and easy to carry - for me anyway. My book tote was heavier with the same things in it.
  8. I should add I got the small satchel (I think the retail price is 348?) - there was a larger one there. The larger one felt awkward for me. I tried it on and ruled it out right away. I am 5'3" with a small frame. So perhaps the satchel size makes a difference?
  9. The smaller satchel has a longer handle...I think, Igot the white one and the leather is so yummy.
  10. Also, with the PCE, I only paid $260 with tax....what a great deal on a Coach white leather bag:smile:
  11. That is why I have returned every double handled purse I have ever bought. The only one I kept was the patchwork tote from last year - but the handles stau up better because the straps are not leather. I have come to the realization that although I love the look of a satchel - the double strap does not work for me - and I can not carry it in my hand or in the crook of my arm - I need my hands free to wrestle the two toddlers that seem to follow me everywhere!