HELP! Hairy arms!

  1. Okay, I don't know what to do!
    I have very hairy arms. I have naturally dark blonde/light brown hair on my head, but it's darker on my arms for some reason.
    I have been bleaching my arm hair for a few years now, but it grows out so fast that I have to bleach it every 2 weeks.
    Also, I don't like that there's hair there, even though it's blonde.
    I can't afford to laser it.
    So I was wondering about waxing vs. using something like Nair or Veet.
    Any advice? Please help me!
  2. hmmm... I don't have much body hair, but I guess wAxing would be the best. However, whatever you do, DO NOT SHAVE THEM!!!! lol my friend in highschool used to do this and whenever we walked together and my arm brushed by hers, it really HURT!!! lol
  3. =/ i pluck mine.

    you know how some people don't mind the pain of piercing or tattoos and get a whole bunch? for me it's plucking


    it's a pain in the ass though if i'm in a rush

    then i wax

    but plucking is cheap and same effect, but not quite as long
  4. Ms Whitney,

    Congrats on being a cancer survivor! :yahoo: That's awesome!

    I wish I could pluck, because I have no problem accepting pain, BUT.....I have way way way too much hair to do that and it grows sooooooooooo fast.

    I want to try Nair, but I'm scared to use it! What if it grows back stubbly? YIKES! :crybaby:
  5. Well, I know Cec says not to shave it and I would agree if you don't keep up with it not to shave it. I shave my arms, legs and nethers (I wax my face). I don't have much hair naturally but I HATE HAIR! UGH. However, I shave EVERYDAY without fail so I never have stubble! LOL
  6. thank you daniela! :biggrin:

    i wouldn't recommend nair, because it doesn't really work and i've heard only bad things about it (and then there's that smell, flip the top or twist it to smell for yourself)

    how about wax strips? i use those's pretty fast too

    i don't think nair gives you stubbles...but i've used it once before, it didn't work perfectly for me

    oh, and shaving arms...i tried that once and syntagma is right, you have to keep it up daily...this boy walking me from class to class in HS once commented and was like

    "you shaved your arm huh?"

    you REALLY can tell when it grows back apparently or he has had a lot of experience!!!
  7. i would wax.. i wax and its been a few yrs now and its DEFINALTY smoother..

    i wouldnt recoomecned shaving but thats just me..
  8. I know some people have advised against it, but I shave my arms :yes:

    I really can't stand hair on my body, so each morning under the show I do the neck down once-over :p

    The only problem is that you really have to keep up with it :shame:

    When it comes to removing hair, I've tried everything (except laser yet, I'm a poor college student :shame:smile: but noticed that shaving is the best for me. I suffer from really sensible skin and have big problems with bleach, cream and wax. My skin becomes really red and irritated for days :crybaby: I've had break-outs, bruises and worse. I guess it all comes down to what your body accepts and what not.

    I don't know whether you tried out Nair, Veet, etc at all so far, if you haven't please do yourself a favour and do the sample spot first like they advise. You never know if you'll have a reaction :flowers:

    Sorry, I really don't want to scare you :sweatdrop:

    Good luck for your quest for the perfect hair removal weapon :nuts:
  9. I too shave my arms and it works out just fine, I have dark Armenian hair and can actually go with only shaving them once or twice a week, my arm hair has actually thinned out quite a bit since I've been shaving and doesn't grow in that quickly for some reason...... I tried nair once and burned the skin on my arms so I would not recommend plus it's so hard to keep it away from my long hair (the head type). Anyway, it's cheap, it works, it keeps the arms exfoliated, and when it comes down to it, it really doesn't take me that long to do......
  10. BTW...shaving has no effect on the hairs that grow back in. It won't grow back thicker or thinner. However, waxing might help a bit as the trauma to the folicle will sometimes damage the folicle and prevent future growth of hair.

    Honestly, I'm not sure why girls care about the hair on their arms. I mean, if you can supplement your income by shaving the hair on your arms to sell to cotton companies....maybe, but that's very rare. The gf shaves her arms every couple of days for some reason. I've seen it after a week or so of growth and it looks perfectly fine to me.
  11. I say wax it or do the nair thing...don't shave!

    you can wax it at home yourself
  12. I think that waxing might be the way to go--less hair grows back that way--
  13. I also shave my arms, and although people advise against it, it works perfectly fine for me. I love how silky smooth and yummy it makes my arms, and I only do it a couple of times a week, or every other day if I'm being fuzzy about it. I'm fortunate enough to have thin blonde body hair (pretty much invisible. The only reason why I started shaving my arms is because my friend, who used to shave, once stopped and her arm hair freaked me out a little :p) so on me you can't actually see it if I don't shave them for a few days. If I were you, though, I'd try wax strips first. I did that the first few times (years ago) and then just kept up with the shaving, since you have to grow the hairs in a little before you can wax them again.

    anyway, good luck :flowers:
  14. o.o Wax is a good idea or Veet.
  15. huh? hair is keratin, not cotton. besides, your a guy - you don't get to vote! :p

    I'm just busting your chops, but seriously, it is a girl thing. we like to be all soft and creamy all over - I Nair my arms and it really works wonderfully. ;)