HELP! hair perm: bangs or no bangs?

  1. I curl/wave-permed my hair in March of 2006 and had the option of getting it straightened again. But after I told all my friends, the general consensus was along the lines of: "no don't straighten it! you have such fabulous hair!" (on a good day with product lol)
    So I changed my appointment to wave-perm it again!! and I'm still on the fence about it but to be honest I don't wanna be annoying and change it back to straightening.

    But I need to get a haircut first! I plan on cutting it about 3 inches below the shoulder.

    I'm wondering whether or not I should get side-swept bangs?? I used to have them last year right before i got my hair permed but it sucks when it grows out.

    Do you think curly/wavy hair looks better with STRAIGHT sideswept bangs? or without at all? keep in mind my forehead is a bit small so bangs don't really do much for me.

    or should i get it permed first and worry about bangs later (though if i get the bangs later, i might get the poodle-effect)

    ... or should i just be annoying and ask them to straight perm it again.

    p.s. i'm asian and right now only a bit of my perm is left in my hair. most of it has grown out. once i cut the hair there won't be much left.
    TIA !! =)
  2. Hmm. I have a side-swept bang but I straighten my hair. Do you have pictures of your hair now that the perm has grown out?
  3. No. It doesn't look natural.
  4. I would say no bangs.
  5. I actually don't mind (or I even like) curly hair with curly (or wavy) bangs but not curly hair with dead STRAIGHT bangs.
  6. I perm my hair but keep my bangs straight. It actually looks really natural cause my perm isn't super tight, and only starts past my bangs anyway even though they're curled all the way up when they get done. If you perm your bangs, they curl up and sit funny on your forehead imo.
  7. either way - i think would be cute! :smile:

    [ personally - i like bangs on *most* people because it softens a persons face ]

    .. i think as long as u have more of a soft / wavy perm .. bangs are cute. maybe not so much for a tight extra curly perm!