HELP - hair color too dark. aarrrggg!

  1. So I used a semi-perm home dye in medium ash brown last night. But I swear that parts of it look almost black! Is there anything I can do to get it out of me hair?!?!?!:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. it's horribly drying....but washing your hair with dishwashing detergent will even it out some. the time mine turned out too dark i shampooed my hair about 10 times alternating shampoo/dish/shampoo and finished with a reallly really rich conditioner. it worked well enough until it faded out on its own.
  3. Can you go to the salon and get it toned down??
  4. ^^But it's really dark - how could they tone it softer/lighter, unless they bleached it out?
  5. Yes, they would have to strip some of the color out of it...I had this done years ago when I had dark hair...Im sure the products are way more gentle now...Im more than sure they could do some corrective coloring for you...treat will make you feel soo good.
  6. I would suggest that you don't do anything drastic quite yet. Color tends to wash out a bit after several days of shampooing. I would wait a week and see how the color has turned out. It is very damaging to strip dark color out of hair. I have had dark brown color put in my hair several times in the past and it always fades after a short while.
  7. Dawn dish soap can speed up the process of the color washing out,as can a strong clarifying shampoo. Deep condition with heat afterwards-that also strips it more,and counteracts the drying of the dish soap or shampoo.
  8. Paul Mitchell makes a shampoo called "Three" will lift a lot of the color! It's saved me from being Eggplant when I was supposed to be strawberry blonde :smile:
  9. Im a stylist,and as already said use a clairfying shampoo,or dish detergent does work.If you use dish detergent,use a deep conditioner,it will not make your hair feel very nice,it strips all the natural oils.You can go to a salon,but color wont lift color.They need to lighten or bleach it,than put on a toner,to get it to the shade you want.At work it depends what brand and color you used,if you used a cololr that contains metallic salts,nothing we can do to fix make sure you know what brand you used.they will ask you.Also be aware that it will be a corrective color.some salons have a per hour rate for trying to fix this,others just charge more.hope this helped
  10. I read in a magazine that deep-conditioning may make color slip. So I guess you can try that. And I agree with Pink*Petunia, after a few days the color will get lighter. I just got my hair colored last weekend, and I notice that the shade is a tad lighter now.
  11. I would also suggest mixing Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two with the Shampoo Three. Shampoo Two will cleanse off anything built up on the shaft of the hair and Shampoo Three is kelating which means it penetrates into the hair shaft, cleansing it from the inside out. We jokingly call this mixture "Shampoo 5".

    If you use this daily for about a week it should tone down the color without having to resort to chemically stripping the color out.
  12. Had the same exact problem and ended up wearing a baseball cap to the salon the next morning!! Get warm highlights all over-- lifting the whole color will just thrash your hair!!
  13. Since you used a semi permanent dye it will eventually wash out, but it has been my experience that some parts of the hair can take color more, also the next day your hair always looks darker than you wanted it to be.

    I have had my hair dyed too dark and used a heat cap with deep conditioner like Wella Balsm (from Sally's beauty supply and even the drugstore). I used the heat cap everyday for a week and the color lightened up pretty good. I am dealing with my hairdressed bleaching out the top of my head and coloring the back dark right now (UGH) I have short hair but this bleach really messed me up, I had to use a toner and now am going to get a short pixie cut (which I love) and then dye it myself. I have had better luck coloring it myself then with professionals this past year.....
    Good luck.
  14. Use dish detergent and then put a hot oil treatment on, and cover it with a cap and hot towel for like an hour if you can. The hot oil I've found helps break down the color.
  15. I have my hair colored semi perm chestnut - my colorist always warns me to never use clarifying shampoo for weeks after its been freshly colored - well last time it was colored it was a wee bit dark, and 3 washes with TRI clarifying shampoo brought the color right where I wanted it...