Help H/W for Raisin 35 Birkin

  1. I have to decide on the H/W for my 35 Raisin Birkin I just ordered any suggestions? I thought GOLD
  2. Yes, I think gold will look fabulous with Raisin. Saw it the other day actually...
  3. I prefer palladium.. it really depends on hardware preference!!
  4. I think Raisin works with both Gold and Palladium. So go with your gut instinct!
  5. Agree, it works with both--go with what works best for you. For me, it would be PH.
  6. Yes, I agree that it looks beautiful in both. I guess you could consider what color metal in jewelry you typically wear and go that way, but it's not a hard and fast rule.
  7. here is a pic of Rockers:

  8. I have a raisin box with gold hardware. I like the warmth the gold and raisin have together. It is very rich looking. That said, I like pall. with raisin too! It depends on the vibe you are looking for from the bag.
  9. I would love a raisin chevre birkin with gold hardware.
  10. I usually prefer gold for most items, but for Raisin - get Palladium! It will look fresher.
  11. thank you all. The hole thing gave me a head spin, last night . The point made about the jewelery sounds good.It will be made of Togo so palladium might look best. I have until Monday to decide I will keep checking back here for more input.
    You are all rock stars, Thank you
  12. If I would go for gold, personally.
    Very much a question of personal preference, really.
  13. gold makes the bag "warmer"...pall makes it "cooler".
    either way ya can't lose! ;)
  14. This is one of those colors that can go with either, but IMO the leather makes a difference: Raisin Box looks pretty with gold, but on Togo or Clemence I much prefer silver.
  15. In think raisin is really one of those colors that looks great with both hardwares- palladium makes it "cleaner" whereas gold gives it a richer look. I even like the idea of ruthenium on raisin box (if it's even still being made).