Help h ladys!!!

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  1. As I'm bored with my Chanel bags and for more than six months I search H treads on TPF, I made decision about my new bag! So you can guess it would be B bag in togo 35. My problem doesn't ends here,oh no it just started! My DH told me that this spring we will go 2 Monte Carlo tennis tournament so I can try to find my new bag in Paris,Monte Carlo,Nice or Cannes and he's sure that we will find one I like! As we were in Vienna last week, my DH wanted to visit H store and see their stock and to try to find my bag :biggrin: I told him that I want B bag in 35 togo any color except brown or black, as I have most bags Bal and Chanel in this colors! I also told him that as I'm informed from my TPF friends (AND TRUST ME I AM) price for this bag is 5900 euros after price inc.! Drama begins in the store SA told my DH that bag we want is HG and waited for 1 year and more and the price is 6900 euro! I almost started fight but 2 of us just walked out an hubby told me not to get upset! So I'll get my bag anyway but can you H experts tell me what was this about! Trust me if it's about style, both of us were very stylish that day (must tell you this cos I know that firs look is important for some SAs and that's huge mistake)! Sorry 4 long post,but ...
  2. I have no clue about pricing in Vienna; i know there is discussion somewhere in the shopping section about whether price differs from one European country to another. 1000 Euros seems like a big difference unless the SA misheard you and quoted the price for chevre or boxcalf or one of the more expensive leathers. As for the wait, if it's a popular color and leather, it is very possible to have to wait a year since there are presumably many people in line before you waiting for the same bag. And if you place a special order...well, I'm waiting 1year and counting. Your best bet is to do just as your husband is planning--visit as many stores as you can, especially in Paris. Good luck!
  3. Don't know anything about Vienna pricing but I do know that there are quite big price differences in different European countries. France is suppose to be the "cheapest" place to buy H according to H policy but depending on currency fluxtuations that is not always the case. VAT also differs from country to country and if the butique is not a H owned store but a fanchise in a country where H does not own a store the margin they charge might be higher than the H margin on certain popular products.
    A years wait is in many places a very shot wait especially if you want a specific color etc so. I would say if you want a shorter wait try your luck in Paris specially if you are open to different colors, hardwares etc and have a few days. I have however been to Paris twice without finding my HG but I am also very specific about the color, leather and hardware on this bag so I know it is not always as easy as this forum sometimes makes it out to be but not beeing so specific definately helps since I have been offered bags in other colors or hardware both times I went!
    Good Luck!
  4. You've been offered great advice -- good luck on your search. I am sure you will find something in France as you are willing to look at many colors.
  5. I don´t know about pricing in Austria but I do know that the difference between a 35 togo in Paris or in Denmark is more than $1000, probably closer to $3000.
  6. Thank you my TPF friends!!! :heart: ouija board - I know it's huge difference,as you know, I can buy H wallet for that money!
    Ladyhermes you helped so much cos I forgot about my Balenciaga leather jacket moment,I made reservation in Atheens for jacket assuming it's same price like I payed in Paris :nono: in Atheens was franchise store and 200 euros more and no tax free options for non EU citizens OMG!!! So I think it could be the same think! So Lulilu as you sad I had good advice as always at this forum! And yes Lovely64 now I know that this is possible:sweatdrop: :hugs: 4 best gals in the virtual world!