HELP: H Box delivery

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  1. Usually it takes how long for your orders placed in FSH delivered if you live outside France?
  2. i hv an order with a southern store, and it was routed to FSH for delivery outwards, coming 3 wks
  3. thanks robee
  4. YOU GOT IT?!!!!!!! IT'S IN???!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. no no no no no
    it's just silk months ago:P:P:P
  6. CHEY. :wacko:

    I was going to help you celebrate. Any excuse for a party, you know?
  7. I had an order with George V that took about 1.5 weeks to get to me. I assume they use the same "courier" / shipping service as FSH. Actual length of time will also depend on your customs (but not applicable to HK, just the other Asian countries).
  8. mine arrived in 8 days... but i've been told that sometimes, as everything shipped overseas has to be sent to centralized service, it can take up to 2 weeks!

    hope yours arrive soon!
  9. footlocker - I hope the box you're waiting for from FSH contains a score from your recent trip!!!
  10. yes, it is something i scored from the recent trip...thats why i am so impatient now. heehee
  11. Yay!!! Hope it arrives soon!!! One hot smoking FSH reveal coming up!!!
  12. robee .. for a minute there .. my :heart: was racing .. :biggrin:FALSE ALARM:biggrin:

  13. oot .. :huh:T .. OOT :police: needs police escorted delivery :police: