help guys please...which colour city to get?

  1. Hi guys,

    I am about to purchase my first balenciaga city :yahoo: but I'm completely undecided as to which colour!! Ive at least decided that I want a red one, and here's the dilemma.....At the moment there is a grenat available in Cultstatus in Aus, but….im wondering if I should hold off until they receive their new season stock and go for the vermillion instead??

    The thing is that I havent seen any pics of the vermillion on a bag, just the colour swatch. The grenat I’ve seen pics and the colour is beautiful, but I’m thinking maybe I should just hold off for the new season and go for something more striking….unless maybe the vermillion is really too bright?

    What do you guys think? Argh its so hard doing this in Australia, why cant we just have a Balenciaga on every corner hahaha

    Please help, any opinions are much appreciated!
  2. Vermillion is indeed quite bright and eye-catcher! ;) It's orangish red...... I personally prefer the current rouge vif though.

    Grenat is more discreet and indeed gorgous! I think you should choose the color depending on the style and use of the bag and also your way of dressing should be taken into account...I'd get a stand-out color if I dress dark when I carry the bag, etc...

    Only my 0.02 cents...:smile:
  3. Isn't grenat more of a maroon shade? And isn't the vermillion more orangey? They are pretty different. I personally also prefer the rouge VIF if you can still find one. I have one on layaway myself.
  4. Yep, they are totally different... i wanted to be able to use it as a work bag (i work in a corporate environment) but also be able to use it on the weekends with a casual outfit.

    Im thinking the vermillion is much more fun, so it would really liven up my broing corporate outfits and also really liven up my jeans, etc

    I already have a black chanel luxury bowler :heart: , cream paddy and a brown i think perhaps the red would be much more different to all of these than just a maroon!

    Im also on the hunt for the rouge vif because the colour is nicer than vermillion....but if theres no luck with that i think the vermillion is a better choice than the grenat.
  5. can i ask where you have yours on layby? :smile:
  6. i'd say grenat!
    it's a very pretty and discreet shade of red and I think it'll go better with your outfits in a corporate enviroment.
    The vermillion is a very bright and look-at-me i say go for grenat!
  7. There's a rouge city on eBay for 899$ bin, go and snatch it up!!!! :yes:
  8. Coopie I'm from Aus too. I know what you mean about wishing there were Bal shops on every corner. If you live in Melbourne, pop into Miss Louise as they stock a few Bal bags.
    If you're keen on the Rouge Vif City (gorgeous colour), the latest stock PDF I received from Aloha Rag (27 December) indicates they still have this colour in stock. Aloha Rag ships for free and you just pay the US retail price. It's easy!
    Good luck.
  9. Thanks guys..

    HelenC, i am in Melbourne so i'll give Miss L a call much as i despise dealing with them!! :yucky: Hopefully they will have one.

    Just called Aloharag and they have NO red cities at all :crybaby:

    Ohh why cant they just make ONE red, one blue, one green.... too much variety is a curse!
  10. Oh, shame about Aloha Rag selling out of the red! They're so much cheaper than Miss L too. Good luck on your hunt Coopie.
  11. I know, that rouge on eBay is gorgeous!! but im a little skeptical about purchasing from eBay...unless i could be 10000% sure it was authentic, i would always look at the bag and wonder.. hehe

  12. Just phoned Miss Louise, :yucky: they only have one white... for the new season they "have no idea" what colours they're receiving, or when they're receiving them, OR how much they will be. I say nuts to that, I think I will save myself the hassle and go with the vermillion from Bal NY.

    Last resort.....going to call Dubai and enquire about the vif though.

    I am on a mission! :p

    Thanks for your help guys, any more suggestions, keep them coming! much appreciated!!
  13. hmmm the ebay rouge vif looks ok to me but im no expert :sweatdrop: anyway i would say go either for rouge vif or grenat they are both fantastic , even though if u wanna use it for work too i would recommend grenat which is beautiful and classy and good for a smart casual weekend :heart: i would find rouge vif too intense , to alive as the name says for work ...