Help!!! Gustto Torlia owners

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  1. So I got it in white today and I'm a little disappointed. First off, the bag has a stain, small, but very noticeable, since it's right on the front of the bag. Also, the texture of the leather is different than anticipated. I have another Gustto bag and have handled other Gusttos before and this is definitely different. The other ones I've handled have leather that is smooth to the touch, this one feels rough. Does this sound right? Also it doesn't seem as bright as it looks in pictures. Do you guys think that this bag is a return that have been treated? I don't normally treat my bags, so I'm not sure if this changes the leather. Of course I can't find this bag anywhere else and I still love the style, so I have a huge dilemma. Please help.:crybaby:
  2. So, I spoke to Gustto and the lady said that the Torlia is "rougher" leather than the Baca. The other Gustto I have is similar leather to the Baca. I'd still like to know what everyone here thinks though. Also, I bought the bag from Active Endeavors and even though I want to keep the bag, I want to ask for a discount due to the stain. I did get the 20% off with the code, but still paid $500 for the bag. How much do you guys think I can ask for, without seeming to be greedy?
  3. Jan, first I would ask if they have another bag as you want it switched. If they say no, only then would I ask for an additional discount, at the minimum 25% off, and that is only if you REALLY want to keep the bag. You can offer to email them a pic, if need be.
  4. I say replace it. You don't want to start out with a stained bag. And in white? Better to start with a "clean slate." ;)
  5. Thanks for your response, I'll approach it that way. Didn't you get this bag as well? What are your thoughts on the leather? Do you also think it feels "rough"? BTW, I emailed your ebay guy to see if he can still get it.
  6. Jade, this is so hard, because I really love the style of the bag. I don't want to send it back unless I'm sure I can get another one.
  7. I have the Torlia in blue and love it - the leather does is incredibly soft, thick and does have a 'roughness to it.' I did see a Torlia the other weekend in White - i have to say - I was surprised - I did not like the way the leather looked. if you don' tlike it, send it back.
  8. I have the Steel Blue one. I never really thought of it as rough. I find mine soft and squishy. I guess if you compare it to the Baca it's not quite as smooth but I am thrilled with it. I am soo sooo afraid of white bags but no way would I want to start out with a stain.
    I don't know if AE would offer you an additional discount. I bet they say return it for another. I'd make sure they have another with your name on it first before you return it. Aren't these bags scarce now. I know the blue one can't be found. There is one on ebay and it's selling quite well.
  9. NM and Bergdorf's (both online) has the Torlia in Taupe and in a green. I was in Las Vegas this weekend and the Nordstrom (at the Fashion Show mall) had a Torlia in white - it would be full retail but they did have one. Hope this helps!
  10. Thanks for your responses guys. Yes, Lexie, I can't find the white one anywhere online. I left a message for AE last night, hopefully they'll call me back. It would be great if they had more of these bags that I can exchange for, but it's gone from their website, so who knows. Crouner if this doesn't work out with AE, I'll call Nordstrom. I still love the bag and want to keep it, and my cleaners do miracles with leather, but it's gonna cost me, so I want to try and work something out with AE. Regarding the "roughness" of the leather, it's not really that rough, just not as smooth as my other Gustto and of course it is wonderfully smooshy. Anyway, the lady at Gustto laid to rest my concerns regarding that when she told me that that's the way it's supposed to be.
  11. Okay, so AE called me back. It was the last one, so they offered that I could return it or keep it and they'll give me an additional 20% off. They were really nice. So, I'm happy. Am keeping the bag and will talk to my miracle worker cleaners this weekend and see what they can do about the little spot.
  12. I know it's late since you are keeping the bag... but I just got a white one from Nordstrom. Only certain stores carry Gustto but they still have the Torlia in white and a SA can order it for you if your store doesn't have it. They will take phone orders too in case your local store doesn't carry/have Gustto. Just mentioning it in case you change your mind about the stain.

    Yes the leather is rough but smooshy. Even slightly shiney like an eggshell. I tried to put a small scratch in it with my nail and it didn't scratch at all. I thought it looked nice looking leather but it doesn't look as expensive as my Botkier Bianca leather.

    I love the style is way too big for me so I'l me returning mine. I really wish they made a smaller version of this bag.
  13. Thanks Zoey. I don't really want to pay retail. As things stand right now, I paid $400, no shipping or taxes. Funny that you think that it's too large, this is actually a little smaller than my usual bags.
  14. I think 20% off is decent. And if done professionally I bet that stain comes out. I have sprayed the h-ll outa mine with Wilson's Leather & Suede protector. I'd do that once the stain is out. It'll help keep that white white.