Help Gussto Parina or Kooba Ellery


Gussto Parina or Kooba Avery?

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  1. I need serious help from you ladies.. I know these bags are big and maybe a little too big but I gotta have one for my handbag collection. I want something really soft and quishy. I've felt the gussto bags and they are soft, haven't felt the Koobas. I'm looking at the Parina in either dark blue or camel and the Ellery in Rose or Luggage. I have bags in all colors so its more about the way the bag looks in the particular color rather than what I need (I need to be put away in a rehab for purse addiction). I digress... So I have gotten some stock photos--just to show you the colors I want. Please help. I think the dimensions on the Parina are a little bigger and I'm leaning towared the Kooba Ellery.
    gussto parina blue.jpg kooba avery rose2.jpg kooba avery luggage.jpg
  2. I would go with the Gustto. I have seen both of these bags in person and while I love Kooba, the Avery is not my favorite style. For a big soft and squishy tote the Parina is the way to go! As a matter of fact I have one on its way to me right now! :p
  3. I like the Gustto far better. The Kooba doesn't look soft at all - and it's not as eye catching.
  4. i def would go with the gustto for a big bag it doesnt look like the kooba would fit over your shoulder(in the model pic) and if you loaded it up you wouldnt want all that weight on your wrist

    so the parina i say!
  5. I like the Avery and have her in black, but she is not at all soft and squishy. I agree with the other posters. Go for the Gussto Parina if you want a soft, squishy tote. The Avery will fit over the shoulders though, but it's not a big, throw everything in type of tote. Hope this helps!
  6. My vote is for the gustto as well, and I love it in the blue.
  7. my first love is kooba; i think it's gorgeous!
  8. Kind of worried the Parina might be a little big, but I'm going to make a run to Neiman's tomorrow and see if I can find them both and fondle them!!! If you spot someone in King of Prussia fondling bags--its me!
  9. The second one! Koobera Avery in ROSE!!!!! Love it!
  10. I love the Avery in Rose myself. The Gustto looks gigantic to me.

  11. i think thats a good idea cause although i pick the parina just because the straps seem more practical for taht size bag AND if you want smushy then the gustto leather is that way
    i LOVE kooba but its not Smushy like Gustto

    BUT i also think it looks GIGANTIC haha so if you arent looking for a bag that is huuge then,,,
  12. Kooba :smile:
  13. Parina...I handled one today......very soft!
  14. I like the Kooba Avery better!
  15. I would pick the Parina. I have the exact bag, and I love it. So roomy and leather is super soft.