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What should I do about my 1st BBag

  1. Get the marine brief with regular hardware

  2. Hold out for either cafe/marine brief with GH

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  1. Hi all

    I just joined your amazing group. I thought I was the only insane person around. I am totally in awe of your indepth knowledge about the styles, leather and even aftercare for the BBag. Am ready to finally take the plunge now and buy my 1st BBag after tons of mistakes with other brands(that I will save for another day). Meanwhile, a crucial decision needs to be made. Am told that there is one LAST Brief BBag in Marine with regular hardware left in the store. Its OK, kinda nice. But am really in love with the Cafe/Natural/Marine Brief with the Gold Hardware. Should I wait and any ideas how I can get hold of one ASAP?

    Many thanks guys and cant wait to hear from you all!

  2. DEFINATELY hold out!

    I'm getting the vibe that you really want the GH... so wait!

    You dont want to be stuck with a bag you dont truly love... and one will come along!

    In fact, theres one on eBay right now ;)
  3. Thanks dear. Agreed.
  4. Ending in 8 hours too... so you could have it in your hot little hands in no time!

    And the RRP for the Breif with GH is US$1595 so it's slightly cheaper too!

    Go for it... its a gorgeous bag!

    I was actually looking at that auction as I flicked over to this thread!

    It's fate I tell ya!
  5. I say get the GH because that is what you seem to love. Nothing worse than getting a bag you are not happy with.
  6. Thank you. I needed a voice of reason from you guys. I tend to get irrational when I want something (ie the Brief) and always settle for something stupid. Any ideas which Bal store that will ship to me a Cafe Brief with GH????
  7. Definitely GH since it's what you love. Plus the Brief is pretty big and in Marine the reg. hardware might get swallowed up. I love Cafe with GH.......I think the two colors go really well together.
  8. I agree...

    IF I was going to get a GH bag it would be either the City/ PT/ Breif in Natural or Cafe :yes:
  9. GH - I think the brief style needs it.
  10. Cafe with GH is sooooo yummy!!