Help! Gucci shoe question!

  1. I recently ordered this Gucci mid-heel logo mule from I received it today, and I'm beginning to think it's FAKE!

    Bluefly - Get Women Mule Shoes & Sling backs discounted at - #2054930 - Gucci ivory GG canvas mules

    The sole says "37 C" rather than "7 B" like my other Gucci shoes. I looked at some pix of this shoe model on eBay, and they all seem to say "7 B" or "7.5 B" etc. I asked a customer representative on Neiman Marcus (they are also currently carrying this shoe), and they said the shoe only comes in B width.

    Further, the shoe I received from Bluefly has some thread coming out, the inside sole looks like it was glued in and could come apart, and the bottom sole, rather than soft suede like my other Gucci shoes from Bergdorf, is very HARD. with tiny little holes in it. Not sure if someone had worn them and returned them, or whether it's a sign it's FAKE!

    If anyone can offer their opinion, it'd be much appreciated. If it's fake, Bluefly better refund me plus the shipping!