Help! Gucci on Giada delaurentis on Food Network

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  1. I'm trying to locate the style she was wearing. It was black leather, shoulder held, medium slouchy style. It had the Gold interlocking GG's on it. I've looked for pics of her with it but can't find any. Anyone know what bag it was? Thanks
  2. I actually saw that too, but think the bag might have been Giorgio Armani, not Gucci.....if you look, they've started to do the "double G's" too, on some of their bags. I looked for it online a bit and they didn't do a lot of handbags for the fall/winter and there wasn't anything on ebay, but keep you eyes open for Giorgio instead of Gucci if you liked that bag!
  3. Off Topic... I love Giada! She's so pretty! I'm not surprised she would be wearing a Gucci.. or Giorgio Armani... or any other Italian brand! :yes: