Help! Gucci Indy...keep It Or Let It Go?

  1. I purchased the Gucci Indy with Mink Tassels which I have searched high and low for! Anyways after going all the way to Oregan to get that bag, I went to Vegas w/ my Boyfriend and some friend. boyfriend bought me a Gianni Versace handbag and I ended up buying a Prada and the LV Hampstead PM! Now my salesperson at LV just called and told me he put a Limited Edition Mirage Speedy aside for me!
    The Indy is my first Gucci handbag ever! I have just never really liked any Gucci handbag until I saw this one! The Brown leather is actually Metallic and quite beautiful, the mink tassels are a nice touch and make it stand out from the other indys. My Indy also has light gold hardware instead of silver (like in the picture, lol I just didn't bother taking my own pics!)
    My problem with the bag is how functional it will actually be! The bag also does crease a bit if it is not full of stuff, lol the salesperson said that I could leave some stuffing in there when I use it! But this bag is quite stunning especially in person.
    What should I do? Should I keep it? Or should I return it and get the LV mirage? Or just return it and save some money! lol!
    gucci mink tassel handbag.jpg
  2. Keep it!! It is gorgeous and very classy. Besides, you need at least one Gucci. Sell something else that you have several of to finance the LV mirage,if you have to. Just mho.
  3. yeah, keep it, it's gorgeous!
  4. I say keep it. Heck - get them all and THEN stop buying for a while! I, too, have been salivating over Indies for a while and this one is tres galmorous.
  5. You should keep it, it is gorgeous!
  6. I think it's a keeper:tup: I don't know how you can let it go:crybaby:
  7. keep it! i love all the unique pieces to it, the metal, the!i personally don't like the mirage. too busy, too much going on. and i feel the mirage is a seasonal piece that i wouldn't use after this winter.
  8. Your Gucci Indy sounds like a keeper for sure! It's unique and stunning!
    Perhaps you could sell another handbag to fund your LV purchase (which I would jump on as well!)
    Good luck! Wish I had your problems!
  9. It's so gorgeous! I'd keep it :tup:
  10. I really wish you could post some pics, but from your description it sounds absolutely stunning! :wtf: And light gold hardware with metallic leather.

    I dont see the Indy bag as being the least bit functional. I havent carried one, but.....just looking at it. The long tassles look a hassle to flip open/close. The HARD tophandle. You could take it out when you feel like it--which is what you do anyway, when you have many bags.
  11. I'd say keep it... After all this is the Gucci forum! :p But really, it looks gorgeous, try selling something you don't use to fund your LV purchase. Good luck with your decision!
  12. youre having doubts right? so why dont you just gift it to me and just let me adopt it ill take really really good care of her ;) hehehehehe

    no but seriously keep it, its really cute and what a great gucci piece to have!
  13. I think you should keep it. It's a beauty and it will be a great asset to your collection. :smile:
  14. OMG I sent out my bag to be returned to Saks last night!!! I woke up and realized I made a huge mistake and I called the post office back immediately but it was too late!:crybaby:

    I called Saks thought and they said that they would send it back to me! Thank god! But now that my bag is getting sent to the states and back....I hope that they do not tax me on it!

    I promise that I will post pictures when I get it back!
  15. Oh my, thats crazy!!