HELP...Gucci Hardware?

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  1. Does anybody know where I could buy hardware for a Gucci purse. I have an aftermarket pelham bag and one of the horsebit studs is missing.
  2. What do you mean by aftermarket?
  3. I didn't buy it directly from the store....sorry about the confusion.
  4. is it fake though?

    I ask because Gucci will do repairs on authentic merchandise no matter what, but they don't just sell 'parts'.
  5. After I bought it, I took it to both Saks and Neiman Marcus and had the sales persons from both Gucci departments examine it. They says that it's real; I didn't realize that you could send the items back to Gucci if you didn't get them directly from an authorized seller.
  6. Gucci doesn't track their goods like some other brands, like LV or Hermes. They have no idea where you bought it.