Help! Gucci camera bag

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  1. Hi! I’m having a very tough decision of which bag I should purchase. I love the Gucci Marmont camera bag in white or YSL Toy LouLou. Which bag holds a greater value and what is the quality of both. Am i too late to purse the Gucci? Do you think it will go out of style in a few years? Please tell me your thoughts!
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  3. Lol it’s such a hard decision!
  4. I love the Gucci Marmont camera bag much better than the YSL. Not crazy about the flap.
    I say go with the Gucci.
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  5. I have the black ysl toy loulou and while I love gucci, I personally find the loulou prettier and more chic than the marmont camera. I live in Los Angeles and see the marmont camera everywhere and have literally only ever seen one or two other people with the toy loulou.

    I normally also don’t like bags with flaps but the loulou flap doesn’t bother me at all and it’s one of my absolute favorite bags.
  6. I love the Gucci Marmont camera bag and own it in black. I do have to tell you I’m a little disappointed in the quality. Mine is peeling on the piping of the bag, and will most likely call customer service to complain. I’ve owned the bag less than a year!

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  7. Aesthetically I prefer the YSL toy Loulou bag. There's something about the shape that I find appealing. Whereas, Gucci Marmont collection is beautiful on the whole, but the camera bag, I just can't get into because the bag is quite wide. For camera bags, I prefer Gucci Disco Soho shape better.
  8. There's far too many worries with YSL at the moment. Def go with Gucci