HELP!! Gucci Authenticate in Australia

  1. Hi all,
    I've bought a bag from eBay where the seller says its 100% authentic Gucci.
    when i got the bag it is OBVIOUSLY A FAKE!! threads comes out from the bag itself and also the dust bag. You can even see GLUE at the bag of the GUCCI tag inside the bag.

    I am trying to see if i can get a refund without being to sent to authenticat, as it is obviously fake!!

    Does anyone know if such place exist in australia? brisbane or Sydney?

    I wish i know about your website earlier!!!!!!

    thanks in advance!
  2. Hi lulu, I think I know who you are. ;)

    If you want an opinion on something, you can post it in this thread: --- Authenticate This Gucci ---

    Also ask beejerry, emald, designermummy what sites do online authentification. I cannot remember which on it is, I think it has a "carold" in it? Beejerry will know, she should be online soon. :yes: She and the others can give you more advice as to what to do in terms of lodging a complaint with eBay. I'm not too familiar with buying so I'm not much of a help. :push:

    Did you have the link to the auction? You should post it in the thread I mentioned and you can show that to the seller if you want. All the best, I hope you paid with a credit card/paypal and get your money back. :yes:
  3. Oh hi Kavnadoo.....
    Thanks for bringing me to this website, I really wish i was here earlier.
    The photo on eBay only has 2 photos, don't think we can tell from the pic...
    Yes i did pay the item with paypal.
    once again, thank you so much!!!!! :smile: